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Our Story

We Provide Fashion For all Fashion-Forward thinking Women Every Day.

Daily design and style updates that are truly fashion-forward and are inspired by global trends, while providing honest prices, make this company quite unique. As a globally integrated fashion company, we understand ourselves as a Fast-Fashion company rather than a “fashion label”. Our focus, therefore, lies on beautiful and trendy clothes at honest prices. Our aim is to make true fashion wearable every day. We truly believe that fashion need not be something only reserved for really special events and especially high budgets.

How we work

Our Designs are created on a daily basis with our very talented design team designing, crafting, working on new styles, ideas and creatives every day in order to provide our Fashion-forward customers only the most up-to-date trends and styles daily.

Quality Promise

Most labels provide clothes that are extremely overpriced trying to extract as much value from the customer as possible. Our approach is that of latest fashion AND honesty, therefore we provide clothes at true prices but we never neglect our quality. Our quality generally exceeds all European quality standards.

Ethical Business and Manufacturing

Our Manufacturing complies with and goes beyond all necessary regulations and we chose not to engage in unethical manufacturing practices. We do not engage or promote any kind of exploitative manufacturing or business practices. In contrast to other fashion-companies we can actually supervise our manufacturing process in-house and ensure ethical business practices.


Our company is founded by Europe-based experts in the Fashion Industry, enabling us to identify, create and style really amazing clothes every day.


We are a global company with offices in London, Berlin and New Delhi.


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