About Us

About Us

Hi Babe :)

I am Shikha, the Style Head here at StalkBuyLove.com. I grew up in Europe, went to school in Germany and studied in Milan. I am a fashion addict and was always fascinated by trends and fashion from major European cities such as London, Paris, Milan and Berlin. Each city has its unique style statement and stands for something unique, for example, the style in Berlin is much more street- and hipster-like, while Milan is all about the sexiest trends. London is really unique because it is exposed to so much global influence from across Europe, New York and even Tokyo! Paris is very elegant and beautiful in its own regard, I love this city! At StalkBuyLove, my team and I give you the best styles from all the four different cities. You just need to decide which style you like: Paris, London, Berlin or Milan :).

My grandfather had moved to Europe from India half a century ago but I have been visiting family & relatives here regularly. In 2012, I decided to start StalkBuyLove.com with a couple of other fashion addicts. Every day we work hard to ensure that our designs are absolutely unique, beautiful and trendy. We make latest fashion accessible, provide the prettiest pieces in town and hand-pick the fabrics, colours, prints and designs. We triple check each product before we put it online and send it to you. I personally look at things like fitting, colour, comfort, design and quality to ensure that everything is perfect.

In the next months I will work hard with my team to grow StalkBuyLove.com to be THE fashion destination with the latest fashion, amazing quality and style for young women globally. I hope you love it and I have your support.

My photo is on the right, just in case you are wondering who this woman is :).

Keep Stalking, Buying and Loving :)

Shikha, Style Head at StalkBuyLove.com

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