It’s the festival of colour! And to celebrate Holi with a splash, StalkBuyLove brings you a trend that has made its way to clothing time and time again.

“Ombre” comes from the French word meaning “Shading.” You’ve probably seen those tops or dresses that are light green at the hem and gradually go darker, finishing with dark green at the shoulders. The look has featured in torn jeans right up to couture gowns on the ramp.

This is a super fun style with minimum up-keep. In fact, Ombre is so ubiquitous, it often goes unnoticed. Pairing it with those old jeans, rugged shorts and leggings makes it ideal for the Holi Parties you’re planning to attend.

It’s interesting to see how people style shaded clothes so differently… it works wonders for those who like the Conservative look, the grungy look or simply street style. From vests to skirts and casuals to formals, Ombre is one fashion trend you might love or absolutely hate, but you can’t deny its prevalence.

If you do happen to be a lover, you can’t go wrong. You can bring out the variety of colour in one Ombre piece by pairing it with another dark coloured garment, or feature the shaded look from top to toe. The best part, Ombre doesn’t have to feature in just your outfit, try it in your:

  • Hair Colour
  • Nail Art
  • Shoes
  • Eye and Lip Make up
  • Shades/ Sunglasses

If you’re the tomboy who plans to paint the town red (and other colours of the rainbow), incorporate Ombre in your shorts or tees. You can even tie a shaded scarf over your head for the extra – hippie vibe. It’s perfect for making all the colourful “gulaal” show….

If you’re at the other end of the spectrum (pun intended), those who won’t be playing with colour, these colourful shades will bring out the festive spirit in you!

Have a Fashionably Ombre-ful Holi!