Embroidery has often been accused of being ‘old-fashioned’. When was the last time you saw someone going gaga over an embroidered dress on Instagram? Old, forgotten and discarded like your mother’s advice on not dating in college, embroidery is almost non-existent in the fashion scene. You say that only basic babes (not you, that is) wear embroidery. So, in the spirit of good-looking clothes and to save your wardrobe from a fashion crisis, we at Team SBL decided to make embroidery cool again. Yes, you read that right.


2Monday blues can go to hell and stay there.

3What’s sexier than #Babes in denim jackets? #Babes in denim embroidered jackets.

4When you are an introvert invited to a party and cannot not mingle anymore.

5When you cannot hit ‘snooze’ anymore and must get ready for dreadful college.

6That smirk you give when people tell you black is not a colour.