All the girls out there love to style themselves by wearing dresses, but as winters have come, it gets really difficult to choose those pretty dresses till the time summers arrive again. The times when you have to attend a party, you are clueless because in this freezing g weather you can’t afford to go out without being layered. You can still break free and some of the most amazing style hacks will help you wear short dresses, even during this season. Also, why compromise on your styling?

Styling with Trench
If you own an A-line dress or a bodycon dress, you can club a dark colored trench coat with it. Your high length boots with light accessory is one way to make your dress look gorgeous. This kind of style works well for both work as well as parties.

Knitted Dress
Knit wears are the best choices in winters. Even if your dress is short, it still looks appealing since the fabric is meant for this season. Merging such a dress with a belt and a bright colored sling will complete your attire.

Playing with Sequin
Don’t be scared to experiment with sequin during the parties as you can still wear it. Be fearless and combine your sequin dress with a blazer and stockings. There you go another idea and you can rock this chic look.

Leather Touch
A dress worn with a sweatshirt over and with leather jacket is one more way to bring out all you need to wear a dress. Co-ordinate this attire with your boots and designed stockings. The leather touch on this is definitely a good way to make this outfit more happening.

Fury Effect
White color being the known color for this season, this kind of dress can be worn with fur jacket. With your scarf that has a little print can be added. This cute little outfit is a way to your style when you wish to go to college. Much appreciation will be on your way.

Blazer Look
Those printed dresses you have can be teamed up with long blazers. If you have a body con dress, this kind of ensemble works well at the time of your work. Impress and influence the people around you with it. Also If you need, you can combine it with your handbag and your knee length boots.

Peter Pan
If you have a peter pan collar shirt and don’t really know how to style to it, you can wear it under neath one of your dress. As its full sleeves shirt, you wont feel cold and you can lift this attire a little more with some make up.

We hope that after this you will never be afraid to pull that beauty out of your wardrobe. Let us know which of the style above you loved the most and decided to crack it.