Niharika Agarwal extends her love to all things gorgeous and we extend our love to her. She is a fashion blogger who loves experimenting and exploring and with different things. Recently, we got the amazing opportunity to talk to her. Read on to know what we found about her.



  1. Favourite fashion designer and why: Manish Malhotra because the way he has evolved over the years and has established himself as a successful label even overseas. The mark he has made as a designer is remarkable and he has set a high bar for others to follow.
  2. One holiday destination on your radar and why: Paris , love the city for its colours, the fashion and every inch of drama at every step.
  3. You would wardrobe swap with: Kim Kardashian, of course where else would you find a closet only dedicated to Hermes.
  4. Currently listening to: Justin Bieber : Let me love you. It’s on repeat on my phone.
  5. A restaurant everyone must go to and why: All American Diner since I am totally a breakfast person and I love to eat healthy and good breakfast. So, it is one place in the city everyone should visit if you are a breakfast person just like me.


What do you like the most about SBL?  The creativity , affordability and the amazing trends here!

She further picked out her current favourites from SBL.


  1. Errand Dress | Rs.1899
  1. Zidan Jacket | Rs.1599
  1. Eves Jumpsuit | Rs.1499
  1. Oberone Dress | Rs.1549
  1. Anet Dress | Rs.1399