Ever been invited for an event where the dress code stated Smart Casuals? Have you ever spent hours wondering what to wear to strike the perfect balance between formals and casuals?

Smart casual is just a polite way of saying, “dressy attire for this event isn’t required, but please don’t wear what you would to go grocery shopping or visiting your grandmother on the weekends.” We know, pulling off a casual look can be tricky for work and for weekends because giving a casual outfit a little extra polish, does require some styling.

Never fear, this week we show you how to take your casual dressing a notch higher by going monochrome. That’s right, you can wear absolutely no colour and still look completely stunning.

Black and white is an eternal combination—it’s one of the few trends that never seems to go out of style – like denim, checks and an LBD. From the traditional “B & W formal attire,” Monochrome is now making its way into the Smart Casual wardrobe. And while we’re all about the classic formal look, it’s time to experiment with it.

Monochrome – the Casual Way

Whether it’s for college or Casual Friday, here are some tips to amp up your Monochrome ensemble, and make it as interesting as any rainbow-worthy style. Read on for the details:

Let white take center-stage.

We know it’s hard to get used to wearing a lot of white. Try highlighting white in your smart casual wardrobe… we promise once you try it, you won’t look back.  Start out with staples like black leggings, jeans or a skater skirt, and then go bright with a white frilly blouse or pullover. Accessorize with a white hat, wedges or a handbag. Accentuate your look with chunky black jewellery to bring it all together.

Layer, layer, layer!

The key to making a muted or monochrome outfit work is all in the layering. If you’re going black and white, try to incorporate a pattern or two like a button down jacket with a contrasting tank top. For college, a T-back with a B&W checkered scarf and leggings would get you an A+ in style.

Accent with grey.

Pairing black and white with reds and neon colours is old school. There’s a smarter way to add a shade to your monochrome look that’s modern and refreshing: A light, chalky grey. Accent your outfit with a grey belt, scarf or shrug.

Play with texture.

Getting casual is not just about donning cotton clothes, try out new fabrics and textures with the monochrome scheme and never go wrong. Experiment with leather jackets, lacy tops, georgette blouses, and suede shoes.

So girls, next time you get an invitation that says “Smart Casuals,” try going monochrome with these handy tips and notice the heads turn 😉

What are the black and white pieces you have in your closet? Leave a comment above or tweet to @StalkBuyLove and we will help you with tips and tricks to go monochrome!