Unless you are living under a rock, you would know that Coachella is here.

So, it was natural for the frenzy to hit home and become a conversation-starter. Stalker was over at the office and during drinks, we happened to wonder: What if Coachella were a person? What would she wear? Would she have the same style as her devotees?

And who better to answer this than #BabesofSBL? Here is Coachella’s – the fiercely, cool girl – style, as reimagined by some of our favourite bloggers.

White tie-up shirt + Denim mini skirt = Perfection
Black belt with black shrug with fringes to set the night on fire
Denim dungarees for when she wants to take the work spirit to streets.
Is there anything more beachy than a pastel off-shoulder dress?
A sprinkle of retro here, retro there...
Comfortable joggers over everything else!
Adding to the road trip hustle, one backpack at a time.