We know that every woman craves for a perfect dress, be it for any occasion. Talking about Midi dresses they came into fashion few years back and with time they have surely modernized and are no more an old fashioned attire to own. Midi dresses are easy to find but maybe troublesome to wear. As they are calf length, no girl for sure wants the lower leg part to be emphasized but you should know in the recent years, with some change in the hemlines and design, Midi dresses surely create a wow factor and can look flattering too.

Proportion matters.
The models that wear short dresses will surely be midi length to a girl who is shorter in height. The major problem someone faces is with alteration. Proportion surely matters as midi dresses are calf length.

Shoes you need
For many girls while choosing a midi dress, the top most question that arises is that of heels. Here is small piece of advice. As the midi dresses are longer in length they give an illusion of a shorter in height. This sets a good reason for us to wear those heels we have wanted to wear. Even if the dress doesn’t look that appealing, your heels will surely add that glam to your attire. If you wish to look perfect in this attire you surely need these shoes. If you are a fan of stiletto welcome those in your style happily wearing them along with your midi dress. Also if you are not a heel lover, you can wear the ones with a little shorter inch to combat the old fashion look. Flats and Flatforms surely don’t look good with the midi length. Shoes that have lace up are tricky too as they divide up the length even more along with the hem length.

Jackets and coats
Wearing a coat or blazer is yet another stumbling thing. The opinion to wear a shorter or a longer coat creates confusion. If the dress is midi length and is voluminous, its advisable the coats are shorter than the dress. Consider wearing coats that are either full length or that end at the hips or waist to look gorgeous rather than being sloppy

The style of Midi dress
The last call to which of the midi dress you need, will completely depend on you. There are a lot of factors that should be considered before getting one. Occasion, body kind and personal style are some of them. The best kinds of midi dresses are the ones that are fitted rather than the loose ones. Opt for tailored shapes and fitted waistlines for a full skirt and avoid the ones that have large row of fabric length.

No doubt to crack this kind of an attire is a task but we hope with these few tips of ours, you will always feel confident in your skin to wear a midi dress. Let us know if you are able to find more ways to accentuate your midi dress with some more options on twitter @stalkbuylove. Xoxo.