Of course, you have heard of the obvious – New York, London, Paris, Milan. You and we have held our breaths, swooned and screamed with equal measure as designers after designers after designers brought down the house with their gorgeous collections every season in these four cities. While fashion holds more sway in these four fashion capitals, contemporary reports have managed to knock down many cultural and geographical barriers when it comes to actual street style and brought us some refreshing new faces in fashion.

On that note, here are the six newest fashion babies on the block; as discovered by our Stalker (involving a lot of travelling, pina coladas and shopping).


Melbourne is Australia’s creative epicentre with a lot of homegrown labels and a perfect mix of European aesthetics and tropical sensibilities.



Seoul’s personal take on fashion has propelled itself from regional TV screens and art to successful export businesses, along with a growing beauty and skincare industry.



Harsh winters have not affected the Russian capital’s East-meets-West dynamism, with a thriving underground skateboarding and music scene.



Regardless of changing trends and flashy consumerism, the Denmark capital continues to produce high-quality and wearable essentials which stay true to their modest, tasteful lifestyles.



Tokyo’s insular, eccentric yet magnificent ecosystem is home to a truly fabulous fashion scene, making it an inspiration for countless high-fashion, international designers.



The Swedish capital is responsible for bringing us minimalism, true design and the ever-prevalent high-low trend.