There is one thing about leggings that no matter how much ever we deny it, we will always still have it in our wardrobes. Not just used for yoga or jogging, leggings are now the epitome for a girl. Whether you need for your Sunday errands, meet a friend for a while or just relax, having a pair of leggings is all it takes. It’s one of the top most googled fashion garment of the year 2014. It’s a simple piece for sure but when we look at Kendall and Gigi rocking it with just some statement and kitsch accessories, we really wish to make this a top notch perfect outfit. So what if they are stretchy? You can make it look effortless with some ensembles. It helps one accentuate and if you don’t like to do that, you can still wear it because all it takes is some hacks of how you can style them. You can bid adios to your jeans and adapt to this substitute as they are comfortable and definitely stylish.

If you are a shy and don’t really want to show off, you can wear your leggings with a button down shirt and a top underneath. To accessorize a bit, you can add a scarf to it. As the shirt is a little longer you can wear your boots with it.

As a dress is a little longer and if you are just new to this style, you can wear a dress over it. You can wear sheer leggings with a dress as they won’t really show your hips.

Opt out of wearing a short top with leggings as it takes the shape and looks like a disaster. Hence know the right length you need. Wear a full sleeves top and merge it with a long cardigan. As it’s a very casual outfit, wear it with either sneakers or boots. Heels are big no no for this attire.

Countless celebrities have been seen with this style. You can wear a bomber jacket over your tee and make this attire a sporty look with sport shoes along with it. Make sure the leggings here are in grey shade and textured or cotton fabric for cooler chic look.

If layering is something you like, you can wear your leggings with a text tee and merge with denim jacket over it. You can skip your sneakers here and go for longer length boots.

In winters, you can wear your leggings along with a skirt too as they are little thicker than tights. Merge it with a top and skirt. Add on a sling bag and some round earrings to achieve this amazing idea.

Printed leggings can be a little tricky to wear but there is solution to it. Avoid wearing tops that are glittery and go for solids. The prints that fall in the same shade and category are still good together but otherwise it’s not the best idea. You can wear contrasting tops here.

Cropped leggings that extend up till the ankle look stylish too. You can wear such leggings along with a longer hi low top and complete this outfit with your ankle length boots.

P.s- We hope that these tips atleast broaden your mind about owning leggings and because we know you may want to have a look, stalk for our leggings available in wide range. If you have styled your leggings in other ways, you can let us know in comments.