Ladies, you know that being a fashionista doesn’t come easy. However, it’s easy to find a fashion staple that’s comfortable yet stylish. When we think of effortless fashion, “Tank Tops” are at the top of our list.

These sexy sleeveless tops have never gone out of style so it’s no wonder that they are considered an indispensable investment! Any doubt? Let’s clear that up for you…

    • Look of your choice: Now flaunt several jaw-dropping looks with a right Tank Top. Be it a rocko-bo-rocko biker girl vibe like Miley or a sweet uptown girl style like our very Kareena Kapoor-Khan, or an uber chic look like Deepika ‘The Bollywood Queen’ Padukone, you too can pull off great avatars with a complementing tank top.

    • Year-round Fashion: Be it spring, summer or winter, TTs can be worn all year-round. Keep it breezy with loose deep cut tank tops on sunny days, while go for haute layered look during winters. Check out how Selena Gomez kills it with the layered jacket look. Wear fresh flowing and vibrant TTs during the spring to step out in vogue, much like our Desperate Housewife, Ms. Longoria. Follow the season’s demand and complete each look with a scarf, shades or a jacket/shrug.

    • Variety is the spice of fashion: Tank tops are a dime a dozen. Yes, the options are limitless and there is so much that we can do. Parineeti Chopra is all oomph with the leather ensemble and Jessica Alba rocks the printed tank for casual day out, while the Greys anatomy star is all about the bling! So go for it and grab a few tanks with prints, sequins, spaghetti straps or the solid colours of your choice and keep them on stand-by for those days when you just feel like adding glam to your ensemble.

    • The Cut: A simple cut can make a huge difference when it comes to tank tops. A cropped tank top has a completely different vibe than the loose long one. Selena Gomez pulls off the fringe cut tank top look with skinny jeans, while Rita Ora and Rihanna are killing it with their cropped tankinies. So break free from the regular and search for tanks that are boudoir inspired, under fringe attack or plain simple unique and create a different look every time.

    • Not just a Casual Affair: Tank Tops have already made an entry in High Street Fashion. We have seen celebs sporting the ultra-glamorous look in their ‘Oh So Hot’ TTs. Take some cue from these style divas – Gossip Girl, Blake Lively brings out the bling with the rhinestone pencil skirt; while baller Rihanna chic’s it up with satin bright pink skirt. Siena Miller has some fun with her pant and scarf ensemble. So, dress-up, rock your stilettos to add some oomph and look sassy in the tank of your choice.

So don’t wait another minute to break free from uncomfortable couture and get a refreshing makeover with your favourite tank top. After all, feeling good and looking fabulous is something that every girl desires… so what better way than with a Tank Top? Not to mention, our online tank top collection at will have you drooling for a new TT wardrobe in minutes!