online fashion shoppingIf you have become so obsessed with your summer dresses that you can’t imagine putting it in storage, relax !!We’ll tell you how to convert your favourite summer outfits into sexy fall trends! You know how you have certain things in your closet you want to wear but can’t figure out how!

SKINNY JEANS, LEGGINGS : When all else fails , add a pair of skinny jeans. I know you have skinny jeans sitting in the back of your closet just waiting  to be layered underneath a sundress.Most of us skip a couple of days of shaving more regularly in cold weather. So, pairing a cozzy pair of tights bring a little warmth to your lower half. Leggings can turn into your favourite best friend for the winter time as it’s super comfy and feminine , plus it looks great on every body shape.

SKIRTS : Next time you are wearing your favourite skirt..take a pair of boots. Boots are a popular accessory for the upcoming season. Whether you like it knee-highs or booties, you can still enjoy a dress with boots in the fall.

LAYER, LAYER,LAYER : Layers are a key for transitioning wardrobe. Layer your shorts. Try layering a vest or a cape with your favoutite pair of shorts.

SCARFS : It’s strange , but when the weather starts dipping , neck is the first body part to feel the effects. I love scarves. A scarf can be tied or wrapped in numerous ways for new and exciting outfit creations. Buy an infinity scarf. Best thing in the world for winter when it’s chill outside and you want to be warm but stay fashionable.

OUTWEAR: Jackets , blazers and cardigans. All of the above create a more stylized look to anything in your closet.

BEANIE : I can relate, every day in my life is a bad hair day. A beanie is always a cool thing to put on if you want to look cool but it also keeps you warm. Choose a cute one that you can wear everytime and everywhere, stay unique

Hope it helps you. Keep loving <3