Fashion is one word that keeps running in our minds every time we want to go out. We are choosy, we are confused what to get and what to not. Talking about what’s trendy, ripped jeans are back and now you will see almost all of them having atleast one pair of it. But really is it worth spending almost 4k on it when there is DIY fashion for you? You can rip your old denims and reuse them without splurging so much. You just need few little things to make your boring pants look different and noticeable again. Once done, just pair them with your heels and a bag. Your little efforts and time will give you the best results

Let’s Begin

Requirements- Cutters or blade, razor, knife, sandpaper.

Choose the jeans firstly you wish to rip. Preferably choose a jeans that’s lighter in shade so that the ripped part is visible.

Put all your requirements together.
Place your jeans on a table and decide a spot where you wish to rip your jeans. Make sure you don’t choose to rip the entire part or it might tear. Take a pencil and a scale; mark the area you want to do it on.

Using sandpaper will help loosen the fibers.
Keep something underneath the front part so that the back side doesn’t get cut and now with a scissor or a blade start distressing your jeans
Once this is done, you will see the white threads, start pulling them out. For more ripping do the same process again.

Curiosity increases here for sure and you want to wear them immediately. So now, distress your jeans more. Use a knife and horizontally start cutting the edges. Keep scraping the area till you are satisfied with the look. As this is the final stage, pull out the threads with tweezers to loosen the threads.

To make your jean’s rip more visible you can wear your stockings or tights beneath the jeans. They are light and will make your jeans more stylish.

Another way to make your jeans look unique is by doing some patchwork on it. All you need is your ripped pant and a patch of a design from another jeans or your top. You can sew this over your jeans.

Doing the ripping is easy. It’s not only jeans but you can use this process to rip any denim type be it your jacket or your shorts. It’s a good technique, as you won’t feel bad about not wearing things you shopped and with just small things you can reuse them. We are sure after this you will have many OOTD’s with your classics. We hope you get the best results. Till then ‘Be hot and chic’.