We are not exaggerating for sure when we talk about crop tops. Coming back from the times of Madonna, wearing it in 1980’s, during a flash dance, has definitely now come back with more trends, colors and styles. Initially, we couldn’t accept the top without the buttons but now is the time where every second girl would be wearing one of it. Everywhere we look the tops are either getting trimmed or chopped from sexy silhouettes to boxy ones. It’s a chic fashion staple. and meant for all the women out there. A way of expressing and exposing comes with it and if you have that, you can surely pull off this trend quite well. Yes there are fears but you can sway them away when you know the right kind of cropped top and the way to style it.

High waist pants
Show off that navel wearing a light colored pant with an off shoulder cropped top. Make sure that the pants are a little flare than the slim fit ones as the outfit looks more accentuating this way.

Midi skirt
That circle skirt always looks more voluminous when clubbed with a sleeveless cropped that which is a little tuck. Choosing brighter colors are preferable. You can also wear printed skirts but Keep it simple with solid color cropped top.


Tie that knot
You can button up, tie a knot and dress up in a slouchy way with a sexy pair of stilettos. You can merge this kind of a top with a boyfriend jeans. The knot allows you to decide how much you want to loosen up and expose in this outfit.

Cut out
Balance the super skin you are trying to show with a cut out cropped top. With cuts at the right places, this cropped top can be worn with a pencil skirt that extends up till the knee. Complete your look with laced up heels.

The key to wearing the right cropped top is to merge it with the same color family or palette. Mixing prints is always a good idea provided the colors in it mix well in the end.

Add some more drama to your attire with a full sleeves cropped top as it attracts attention and makes more sense to the style. You can accessorize yourself a bit here.

Go loose
If you are nervous about wearing the cropped top, you can wear the baggier one as it reduces the tension you have. You can also opt for a boxy one or flare sleeves.

Hi-low kind
A top that that’s high at the back and low at the front definitely is a savior for the ones who shy away from wearing it.

As they are flare in nature and show off your ankle, culottes when combined with cropped tops look classy. It’s also one of the ways to dress up at work.

Play a little with layering here with a stomach flasher on the sides. Wear a cropped top underneath your dungarees and complete your look with heeled boots.

Wearing cropped top over the same kind of print adds more ladylike charm to it. Complete this attire with a funky sling bag and flatforms for a street style look.

Just like every other girl we hope that you are a fan of this trend and we would love to hear from you knowing what you did lately with your crop tops. If you have some hacks like we do, write to us immediately and we will flaunt your style. Till then keep stalking!