Yes Indeed! Jackets will always be a must- have for every season. Yes you read it right: EVERY SEASON! What better way to keep cool and save your skin from getting those sun tan marks we all hate, right?

So listen, no need to pack your shrugs, light pullovers and jackets in the winter trunk. These can be sported on the sunny days too without getting over loaded. We have this interesting and thoughtful column on Summer Jackets that will keep you cool and fashion forward.

Summer Showcase: Jackets to Flaunt this summer

1. Lacy Jackets:

These lacy jackets are perfect for layering up with a spaghetti string top or with a bright singlet on a sunny day. It lets your skin breathe throughout the day. The best part is the variety of patterns that you find in such light lacy jackets. This is one look that never gets boring, and helps you look feminine while the temperature soars.

2. Floral prints:

You cannot, NOT fall in love with these girly floral print jackets and light blazers. It is an easy pick for your hasty mornings when you need to run out the door. It has this semi formal look which allows you to wear it in the office as well as in the evening. Refreshing color combinations and contrasts will keep you in vogue throughout the summer.

3. Go Pastel:

Pastels like Mint, Sky Blue and Baby Pink help you reflect the harsh sun light. Grab these pastel jackets and shrugs and give your wardrobe a cool twist. Not to mention, they look super cute ^_^

4. Sheer You!

It’s a must have for adding that extra oomph to your casual summer wear. This sheer jacket can be teamed up with your gym wear, your summer frocks as well as with your skinny cotton pants. It is easy to wear and allows you to flaunt your outfit without concealing it.

5. Crop it up:

These lively crop jackets have a bright summery feel to it. The short length keeps you fresh while its vibrant print lends you the Hawaiian spirit. It’s a good day- time pick and is apt for your summer tours, holidays and brunches.

6. Color Splash Jackets:

Summer is the only season where you can get donned in color and still not look over the top. These high on color splash jackets gives an edge to your personality and makes you look young.

Adorn these light jackets and be  thoughtful about how to keep it minimal and breezy. Opt for light and cool fabrics which are skin friendly and make a smooth fashion transition with the advent of summer.

This summer, keep cool, look hot and be sure to send us lots of pictures of your summer ensemble.

We’ll be waiting @StalkBuyLove to hear from you! See ya next time!