Once the ultimate utilitarian uniform, the ‘Jumpsuit’ has come a long way in the fashion timeline. Now, it offers not only easy one-piece dressing for the day but also a chic option for the evening.



Designers are heralding the “Overall,” as the jumpsuit is also known, as an alternative to the perennially popular dress. It has the ease of an outfit in one piece, with added comfort and cool factor. The style has been spotted on runways and the red carpet for years and only keeps becoming more and more popular.



There’s something extremely versatile about a jumpsuit. For starters, it’s easy to add layers over or pile the accessories on. It is clear to see that Jumpsuits is here to stay as it is one single item that expands to an entire range of styles to fit many aesthetics, occasions and body types. Jumpsuit is one wardrobe staple you must own.

Heather Jumpsuit | Rs.1649

Eves Jumpsuit | Rs.1499

Titled Jumpsuit | Rs.1549

Serenity Franklin Jumpsuit | Rs.1749

Benedict Jumpsuit | Rs.1649