leggings for women

Showing off your legs all the time is not an option. Sometimes the sun takes a toll or the cheapos out there make it almost impossible to flaunt your sexy legs in skin. Also let’s not hide away from the fact that we ourselves get too lazy to wax our legs at times! Maybe this is all that led to this great invention of leggings. Every woman or girl from this time knows what a legging is. Hence, it doesn’t really need an introduction but what it really needs is a few dos and don’t.

Leggings are a rage but do not think for even a single second that it will be fashionable to wear almost anything with it. No it is not right to head out of the home in those crop tops paired with a legging and no it is absolutely not acceptable to the fashion world  if put on a tight t-shirt with a legging unless you have a figure to kill for. It is almost a disaster otherwise because leggings are too fitted and unless you have those perfect curves, it is actually going to accentuate your flaws.

Now you know what absolutely not to do with your leggings, it is time to see what looks with a legging are to die for. Do you have some oversized shirt that is a souvenir of your healthier times? It is about that you bring it out and flaunt your breezy spirit with uber-sexy leg hugging leggings that you have. You can also simply grab your brother’s or boyfriend’s t-shirt you love so much and let it fall on your shoulders while leggings take care of your firm legs.

If you are thinking of something a little less casual, get a great long fitted top and layer it with a great summer blazer or a wonderful jacket in winters. This is something that will bring life to your whole personality. Nobody would forget how amazing you looked at that party. What brings out the look with a legging the most is a contrasting scarf. Since there are hell lot of color options available with a legging, do not forget to keep it subtle with the color palette. Leggings sometimes go great with dresses too. Once you know what your look is, your legs will love the mirror much more than ever!