Maia Sethna is not only a recognized blogger, but also a model, actor and a business woman. She has already achieved a lot more than people her age usually do and yet she insists that she still has a long way to go. She continues to say that how one dresses should be an extension to their personality and we couldn’t agree more. While talking to her about her likes and dislikes, we couldn’t help but fall for her again. You would too if you would get to know her more. She is that amazing!



  1. Favourite fashion designer and why: Sabyasachi, for all things classic and regal. I am currently obsessing over Balmain
  2. One holiday destination on your radar and why: Greece, with my closest girlfriends for company. Why? The beaches, nightlife, food, views and islands – sigh, need I say more!
  3. Currently listening to: Whatcha Say – Jason Derulo. The song is simply amazing!
  4. If you could go back in history, what fashion era would you like to live in? 1920’s New York – The Great Gatsby era! It would have been magical!
  5. A restaurant everyone must go to and why: Artusi, a little Italian eatery in GK 1 currently has my heart. Although a bit pricey, their pastas are flavourful and they serve truffle fries that will leave your mouth watering. They make a good Martini and delicious Panna Cotta for those of you that have a sweet tooth!



  1. Arena Top
  1. Sway Dress
  1. Cloak Dress
  1. Chester Top
  1. Adalie Dress