Chapped lips are a problem many of us tend to face, no matter what time of the year it may be. Here are a few natural and completely safe remedies for soft and perfect lips:


Sugar is a great, natural way to exfoliate and buff lips for a smooth surface. It works as a scrub to remove dry, flaky skin. However, if too much is used too often, you can actually cause more irritation to the lips. Find a lip exfoliator that contains sugar [or make your own by combining oil and sugar]. In small circular motions, rub the exfoliator over the lips and wipe away the skin that falls off.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is an intense moisturizer that works best for cracked/chapped skin. It supplies ultimate moisture that heals and lasts all day, is high in vitamins that play the role in healing the skin, and helps nourish and heal. Use a very small amount and rub it into the lips, especially in any cracks you may have. Apply in the morning and again at night, but at night use it as a sort of spot treatment to the affected areas.


Cucumber is a great skin soother that also rehydrates the lips. It soothes and calms the skin for lasting relief and if your lips are sore, it will instantly make them feel better. You can use a balm or cream that contains cucumber, or take an actual cucumber and slice it into thin pieces and leave over your lips for 10 minutes a day.

Coconut Oil

Oils are amazing moisturizers. Using coconut oil will leave the lips feeling extra-smooth and restore them to their original, pre-chapped state. Use coconut oil on especially cold days — just apply a small amount all over the lips and avoid licking your lips! 

Aloe Vera

Aloe is a versatile healing agent. It really is great for repairing the skin and will take away any irritation. Aloe is great for chapped lips because it cools the skin. Usually when people experience severe chapped lips, they can feel a burning sensation. Aloe helps to rid that and makes having chapped lips more comfortable. Use it in a cream form and dab onto lips for instant relief.