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A shirt is not just a shirt but it is a rebel that has an ability to be a revolution. It is a badge of class and sophistication. It is a personification of feminism. It is crazy wild idea. It is a canvas waiting for your touch and vision.

Women who wear a shirt know how amazing its wonders are. A woman who owns a shirt knows that she doesn’t just own a shirt, she owns a million possibilities. She knows that in her wardrobe is a genie that can transform her anytime she wants. Well, a shirt is like clay. Once you have it, you can simply mould it to fit in every darn outfit you can ever lay your eyes on. From plain white shirts to the ones with checks and now even shirt dresses, they have all made a statement one time or the other. Just like t-shirts, shirts are evergreen and never die out of fashion. If you have it in you, it will make a whole new look every time you wear it. It will give you the freedom to experiment.

Try imagining yourself in a situation and then try imagining yourself wearing a shirt in that very situation. Don’t you just fit right in?  Well, obviously you do because that exactly is the magic of a shirt. Any formal occasion feels incomplete without a well structured formal shirt but once you wear it with shorts, you are transformed for a casual day in the park. Wear that with a long skirt and you are so ready for a first date. Not only a long skirt but a short skirt is a wonderful way to bring out a cute you with a shirt.

You know what is the best thing to do with a shirt? Unbutton it at the right place and you will be ready for every occasion. You can always tie a cute knot at the end and you will be literally looking at a new shirt altogether. Layer it for a breezy look. Wear a contrasting color inside and unbutton your shirt for that ultra cool and casual look. Transform your old dress by wearing it with a shirt or simply wear a long shirt with an old pair of leggings to flaunt your slender legs.

There are a million options out there. All you need to do is pick your style!

Mansi Gupta