Apart from trending big time  this season, prints are making waves and statement, galore. What’s working for prints is that the colors, shapes and vibrancy of them is simply picking pace with the current fashion moods. Here are a couple of quick fix tips for you to keep in mind when you’re putting together your prints-y look:

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– Avoid adding up: Don’t mix prints with prints unless you’re very sure they complement each other. You don’t want people to make comments about the polka dot/checkers combination; do you?

– Detailing with accessories: Just the right amount of styling with accessories is fine, don’t over do it because if your entire outfit is printed, it takes away from the print.

– Shape and size: If you’re conscious of your hips, please don’t opt for a printed peplum; the same goes with any other body parts. Remember, prints draw emphasis towards the region they’re on and if that’s not what you want, that’s not what you should go for.

– Style statement: We always say this, don’t go by the mantra of wearing something only because it’s in vogue; make sure it’s your style, make sure it’s who you are. Confidence on your sleeve is a major bonus point!

Have a look at some of our favorite picks for you:

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