Women love accessories because they know if nothing else works, these little styles surely will. Thanks to scarves, that helps us women anytime anywhere. A simple outfit can look chic in no time just by tying a scarf in a different way. This Italian thing features hand drawn designs. Ever wondered how it came to existence. Well the timeline surely has stages to it. The evolution of it started with ancient Egyptians and touches upon Croatian, Chinese and French cultures. That area is a sensitive subject for many women. “Our faces are lies and our necks are the truth,” Nora Ephron wrote in her aptly titled book I Feel Bad about My Neck. Today there are variations in styles of scarves that are eye catchy on the streets. This one wardrobe staple can be worn in many ways and not just wrapped around.

The waterfall style
You can play with layering here by bringing the three fourth of the scarf on one side. It’s easy as all you have to do it wrap it around your neck.

Easy wrap
One of the easiest styles is to make it look asymmetric by draping the scarf just on one side of the shoulder until the arm.


Bored of your style? All you need is a scarf and a belt. Let the ends fall in front and add a belt to show off your waist.

Wear the scarf on both the sides and start twisting it turn by turn. Tie it at the end so that the braid doesn’t open up.

Equally drape the scarf around your neck and the tie the end together. Twist the scarf to make the figure 8.

Keep one side shorter and the other longer. With longer, make two circles and tie with the shorter side in the end so that a bow is formed.

This one is simpler and stylish as all you have to do is tie the knots in three layers so that it falls one by one.

You can also make head turbans easily with your scarves to add more effective and a trendy look. This will surely upgrade your hairstyle even more.

Twist the scarf on your head one after the other and then tuck it in. Tie this around your bun to make it look prettier.

One of the cutest ways is to tie a turban like a boho style. Just a knot in front and ends tucked in the band is all you need to do to achieve this look.

Because spring summer is approaching, we have the best and the newest collection in scarves. Be it for beach or sunny time, a scarf will always be there for you. Also let us know what is your scarf style? Keep stalking!