A lot of you have come up to us and complained about how difficult it is to find high fashion at the right price or time. So, for the betterment of fashion kind and to put your minds at ease, our StalkerΒ got to work and compiled a list of tips to look sharp, straight from the mouths of fashion editors. Looking like a pro only needs common sense and a little help from your favourite elves at work. πŸ˜‰



Before leaving the house for THAT weekend spree, check what you need, so that you do not end up repeating the same items or last season’s items.


Do this so that you know exactly what you want with each outfit. Seriously, this is easier said than done.


We know, the allure of shopping has taken many victims but you must prioritise to avoid feeling like a loser at the end of the month. Do not opt for an outfit which does not suit your taste or personality at all, just because it is trending.


The Basics are called so for a reason, ladies (white shirt, tees, denim, you know the drill). These never go out of style or season.


If you are a store shopper, you should befriend the store staff. The more they like you, the more chances there are of them telling you about upcoming sales, store opening timings and helping you find your style.


We are not asking you to give up your old favourites but to give new designers a chance. You might end up getting your next favourite thing, discovering talent and of course, cool offers.


You are probably laughing at us because this is the hardest step to follow. But once you make a check list of what you want and stick to it, it will get better. Plus the money you save now can be spent on more clothes later.