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Are you searching for something that appears to be too lost but wait what is that exactly? We don’t know! Welcome home beautiful souls, let’s go on a thought journey, grab my hand! The moment you know ‘where you’re, you immediately get to know if it’s right or not. It’s an in built system, we all have it, God that way, is pretty smart.

  • Suck the marrow out of life and do so unapologetically: Stop caring what people will think if you live your life as authentically as possible. Embrace your weird, and you’ll find other amazing weirdos who appreciate you for exactly what you have to offer the world.
  • Learn to be comfortable in your own skin: Make a list of all the unique reasons why you’re a pretty kick-ass person(do not post it as a facebook status,that’s just vain.Everytime when you feel unsure of yourself, take a deep breath and tell yourself you’re the sole owner of your life. Life is too short, shorter than you think. Make the best of it.
  • Fall in love. Fall out of love :Repeat as many times as necessary. Don’t be afraid to open yourself up to the delirious highs and lows that can be had in a passionate, young love. Yeah, you might get hurt. You might be hurting. But it’s better than looking back and wondering what might have happened. Having a few serious loves doesn’t dilute any future relationship you might have, but will give you plenty of experience to draw from it.
  • Find something you’re passionate about and pursue it: You may be surprised how much happier of a person you become and how much richer your daily life is when you regularly enhance it with something you care about, just for the sheer fact that you enjoy it
  • SAY IT LOUD “I’m ready for the next big thing”: If things aren’t working right now, don’t stress. Small changes often lead to big results.
  •  “Hi, hater.” If you don’t have a reason to say this,you probably aren’t doing something right. Haters fuel your fight.
  •  Someday is today :Money shouldn’t be holding you back. Live a little. Take a chance when you don’t have much holding you back, or you may regret it later.
  • I’ll value my opinion over your opinion: Some people have good intentions, others don’t. Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell who is working for you and who is against you. Your best bet is to trust your gut instinct.If it feels right, run with it.
  •  Yes, I’m pretty. So what? If your mamma blessed you with stunning physical features, take advantage. And take advantage often.

Just live up…you know! Time is ticking really fast. It is almost breaking the clock. Run because you won’t get today back, but do sit back for a while and see. Seeing is important.