Hi Lovelies!

Sending across love to y’all and we’re sure you had a super fun weekend.

And it’s Monday! A new day, a brand new start to the week and there could have been nothing better to begin the new sun sign of the lot.

Fearless, a natural leader and an enthuse for all that is new. Yess! The Aries woman is all of that. She will be the one bursting with energy and zeal when there is a product or a store launch… or the one with all the newest styles buzzing in trend.

So if you are going to find her style a little weird at first, stick onto it. Cause soon you’ll be seeing the place flooding with the same stuff which will be called the new trend and for sure, will be there to stay. No wonder Sarah Jessica Parker and Kiera Knightley are known for what they do so well. There! You have live examples of the typical Aries women.

An Aries woman is all about bling, and she will probably be up to party even at her most tired state; provided you give her the right dress. And for that we have just the thing. The ‘Red After Dark Party Dress’ is almost tailored made for the Aries woman with the combination of a little bling and more of red (Red being her color).

Now if you are feeling kinda low this week-start, go hunt for an Aries friend who will boost you for good with her ‘Let’s get started’ attitude. Keep rolling ladies! You could do wonders this week.