We all love to own dresses but there are times when we are so obliged to buy it due to certain reasons. Loving self is must and when it comes to dresses, no matter what you can still feel confident having them in your wardrobe. From short to long dresses, differing in sleeves and necklines everything just adds to what you need this season. For a fashionista, there is no turning back and for her everything in fashion has to be seen. It just takes the right choice to know what will suit you according to your body type. Once you know it, decide the kind of fashion trends you would like to enhance and after analyzing yourself in the mirror, try these tips.

If You are Short in Height
What is preferable is that you go flare dresses instead of bodycon. Experimenting with colors here is the right thing to do. Make sure the colors are bright and appealing. To enhance your look, do a fishtail. Add a fringe sling bag and flatforms. This kind of look will definitely make you look cuter and people will notice your ootd rather than your height. Skater and A- line dresses work well for stout girls.

If You are Tall
There is no bound when you are tall but at times you have to be a little cautious. The best dresses that are a definite yes for you are the bodycon maxi dresses as it enhances your height a little more. To make sure you have done it right, wear them up till your ankle and club your dress with flats. Tie your hair in a bun for more chic look. The time when you wish to go for short and show those legs, you can go for flare and full sleeves dresses.

If You are Thin
It’s hard to accept but baggy clothes just to hide your thin body is a big no no only because it looks disguised and for sure taken from your brother. Focus mainly on how to create curves and volumes in your attire. You can choose to wear cuts or hugging dresses. Make sure the cuts are a little wider. To compose an illusion of curves, wear dresses with volume on shoulder and hips. You can do this with empire waist dress and Peplum style dress. To make a fuller silhouette, wear shift dresses or baby doll style dress.

If You are Plump
Show off your neckline in a very apt way now. Add structure at the right places and make anything on you look elegantly classy. Draw some attention with some angles and lines with wrap dresses and asymmetrical hemlines. Cowl necks and flutter sleeves would look great on you. You can opt for shades in lighter colors but monochromatic is always preferable. Wear your heels and expose your legs to avoid the mid section part.

We know you love to do fashion right and to make you never go wrong , it’s always necessary to know your innate self. And hey hey for everything you need, Stalk buy love knows how much you adore yourself and because we do too, stalk our variety in dresses. You never know, we have might what you are looking for.