It’s better to be skinny any day because you create that look of super model on the runway. Everyone wants to be thin and taller and fashion stylists recommend some great ways to enhance trendy and hottest looks on skinny girls. There are some must haves for a skinny girl but other key items are the best to be avoided. For a woman, what to wear goes on forever even if you are thin, fat, short or tall, this is never ending. Hearing from people you are so thin feels nice right but we know how you feel inside at times. No doubt that being thin is something we may not want always but thanks to the pictorial world of celebrities who promote skinny girls at their best. It just means for you there are plenty of fashion staples. Here are some tips you should know when you are buying bottoms for yourself. It’s always an esteem booster and after this you will not stop looking at yourself. Strictly do not worry because you can hide as well as show your legs in a very righteous way. Win Win!

Give your body an extra shape by wearing boot cuts or flared pants as it creates more impact on the lower area. It can be tight fitting but should be open ended and should be low rise pants as it makes a curvy silhouette. Well fitted is the answer and don’t opt for palazzo pants as legs look lost in them. Wearing pants that are overtly fitted are not really meant for this body type. They will make you appear skinnier. It’s better to choose that are straight. You can opt for cigarette or tailored pants. You can also take away the look from your legs by wearing bright print or bold colored tops.

When it comes to skirt, you have to make sure not to accentuate the areas that aren’t in shape. Rather wear skirts that are round. Skirts that are asymmetrical, tube or pencil are the ones that tapper at the knee, add some pounds and are a good choice. Midi skirts end at calf which covers most of your legs are also the best bets. You can play with pleats, belts, coats to achieve the look. You can use the mini pieces having flare and are A line a. They are a good option. Just make it few inches above the knee and allow the skirt to be a bit fitted and not baggy.

When you choose shorts, go for the mini length and well fitted- not loose not too tight. Avoid the wide leg shorts because they will make your legs look like a stick and that’s surely something you don’t want. Add full details on your tops like printed floral, stripes, colours layering etc. This way you can ignore the attention from the shapeless part.

Remember Kareena Kapoor from Tashan? She was acknowledged for zero figure. She was thin and loved for her look. You can feel the same way. These hacks will help you with choosing the right lowers you need because you want to look like an influencer and not a disaster. Keep stalking!