Orchestrating a wardrobe white wash will provide as much of a mental overhaul as it will a physical one. Sensing that we’d be craving purity and calm right around the time their pre-fall collections hit the stores, many designers explored the soothing potential of white.



White is definitely the coolest colour of the season as it perfectly marries off other trends beautifully. Many designers proved this fact true by showing off this colour in their collection. Top designers like Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton etc. are a part of this league.



White Wash is one trend that is a classic and would never go out of fashion. So ladies, paint your wardrobe white.

White Sway Dress | Rs.2,399

Weiss Shirt | Rs.1,049

Grayce Jumpsuit | Rs.1,449

Momentum Tee | Rs.999

Dinah Nightwear Set | Rs.1,049