*Contains spoilers. You have been warned*

Someone once asked me where I buy my clothes from. I was at a very important party that night, following someone and being my discreet self (I have become good at it, I must tell you). This stranger came up to me, platter in hand (making me miss my mother’s food) and complimented me on my dress. She wanted to know my opinion on fashion. I am no expert but I was always confused by all these rules women had to follow to look good, like wearing black to appear slim, never mixing prints or not wearing white after Labor Day. Who made all these rules? As I talked to the mysterious stranger, my mind went back to my first time in London. I was fresh out of Themyscira, super-eager to save the world and had no idea of any fashion etiquette. So much has changed since then…

Pick your entire outfit the night before. It is a simple trick yet easily ignored. Before you hit the bed, choose your clothes, accessories and shoes for the next day. It saves you time and leaves you to have breakfast in peace.

Organise your accessories. We know, we know. You are a grown-ass woman who does not want to be schooled, but think about it. Sorting your accessories and keeping your jewellery organised will allow you to do other, better things the next day, like sleeping for five more minutes.

Do your wardrobe a favour and keep your outerwear - light jackets, shrugs, scarves, boots - separate from the rest of your regular clothes. This way, they will not interfere with your summer outings and you can always layer them later when you are in the mood for experimenting.

Pack your bag. Hand cream, credit cards, a book, snacks, notebook - whatever you need, all goes inside. If you are prepared for your next big day, then you will not be running around dumping things at the last minute.

Check the weather forecast the night before. If you plan to wear your prettiest white skirt and wake up to find rain and mud filling your entire neighbourhood, then your morning routine is going to be a disaster.

If you have nothing to wear and all our combined wisdom fails, play it safe. Put on a white or black dress, which works for any occasion. A white/black dress is classy, easy to style and you will not waste time trying to match various components to complete the look.