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  • Navy Jolene Dungarees_Dungarees Navy Jolene Dungarees_Dungarees
  • Black Castle Skirt Dungarees_Dungarees Black Castle Skirt Dungarees_Dungarees
  • Orange Jolene Dungarees_Dungarees Orange Jolene Dungarees_Dungarees
  • Tardis Dungarees_Dungarees Tardis Dungarees_Dungarees
  • Beige Skirt Dungarees _Dungarees Beige Skirt Dungarees _Dungarees

    Regular Price: 849

    Special Price 589 (-31%)

  • Olive Skirt Dungarees_Dungarees Olive Skirt Dungarees_Dungarees

    Regular Price: 1,299

    Special Price 899 (-31%)

  • Brussels Dungarees_Dungarees Brussels Dungarees_Dungarees
  • Heath Dungarees_Dungarees Heath Dungarees_Dungarees

    Regular Price: 1,499

    Special Price 1,119 (-25%)

  • Red Cayenne Skirt Dungarees_Dungarees Red Cayenne Skirt Dungarees_Dungarees
  • Rinse Leicester Dungarees_Dungarees Rinse Leicester Dungarees_Dungarees

    Regular Price: 1,599

    Special Price 1,439 (-10%)

  • Black Janet Suede Dungarees_Dungarees Black Janet Suede Dungarees_Dungarees
  • Leicester Dungarees_Dungarees Leicester Dungarees_Dungarees

    Regular Price: 1,499

    Special Price 1,399 (-7%)

Let's talk!
Dungarees bring about a major 90's throwback moment, but this vintage silhouette is up for some major revamp and reinvention. Spice it up a little with skirt dungarees or go the old school classic way with the full length dungarees.

Revive your Childhood Days with Dungarees Online at StalkBuyLove

Remember those old childhood days when you used to pull up your denim dungarees with bright and colourful t-shirts and went out in the sun. Remember the 90’s era when the heroines used to dress it up and rocked the silver screen.

Historically, they were invented for the mine workers and mechanics in the USA in the beginning of the 20th century. They acted as a protective garment and were made of rubber or thick material. The women started wearing these overalls during the 1st world war in the factories. They finally made up to the runway in the Paris, Milan and New York fashion weeks in the end of 20th century and have never looked back since then. They generated a lot of enthusiasm in the designers who worked up to transform this retro-outfit.

Struck with how to style up this outfit? Worry not, as we at StalkBuyLove have listed down a few ways to style your dungarees. Sport it up with a bright crop top in neon or pastel colours for a summer picnic or for a brunch with friends. The Denim-on Denim is one of the trending fashion statements, which never out of style. Pair up a denim shirt with a denim number, add a chunky neckpiece and carry a tan hobo, for a casual look. To incorporate this outfit for office, pull up the full-length overalls in black/grey/ navy with a structured blazer. Shop from our trendy collection and recreate that iconic style-statement.