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Stalk By Shades Bag_Tote Bags Stalk By Shades Bag_Tote Bags

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Westin Tote Bag_Tote Bags Westin Tote Bag_Tote Bags

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Orange Stalk By Shades Bag_Tote Bags Orange Stalk By Shades Bag_Tote Bags

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Sylvan Bag_Tote Bags Sylvan Bag_Tote Bags
Cream Devlin Bag_Tote Bags Cream Devlin Bag_Tote Bags

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Katie Handbag_Tote Bags Katie Handbag_Tote Bags

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See My Stache Black Bag_Tote Bags See My Stache Black Bag_Tote Bags

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Silver Stache Bag_Tote Bags Silver Stache Bag_Tote Bags

Regular Price: 1,499

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Gold Glam Handbag_Tote Bags Gold Glam Handbag_Tote Bags

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Joules Tote Bag_Tote Bags Joules Tote Bag_Tote Bags
Jelly Black Bag_Tote Bags Jelly Black Bag_Tote Bags
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What are Tote Bags and Why Buy Tote Bags Online

A hand bag is a constant friend of woman on the move. Of all the designs available, most women prefer carrying the tote bag with them. Tote bags are large bags with twin handles with an unattached opening. They can carry a lot of things and are quite handy if you are going to carry books to college, belongings to your library and run errands in them.
If you are looking to get tote bags, you can check them out online. Tote bags online are available in different designs, colours and materials that would suit your needs.

How did tote bags come about?

The work “tote” or “tate” literally means to carry. Its origin can be traced back to 17th Century. However, it was not used for describing the bags till 1900. Despite being around for some time, the tote bag became a craze in the United States around the 1940s, when the LL Bean Boat bag was introduced in 1944. As they were easier to handle than luggage, most people had opted to use them. By the time the 1950s came around, tote bags entered mainstream culture.
Women mainly used tote bags for their practicality. Also, they did not need much care. Until the 1960s, the tote bag was used for personal purposes. However, Bonnie Cohen introduced her own label of tote bags that were called Cashin Carry Tote bags. They were a combination of functionality and style. Back in 1990s, the culture of using tote bags was completely changed by Kate Space when she started carrying them around as fashion bags. Fashionistas find tote bags online in different varieties and decorations.

Why should you carry tote bags around?

Tote bags online India is versatile enough. They can carry heavy loads while at the same time look stylish. These bags are highly spacious and you can put in everything almost, from stoles to your car keys. Most importantly, totes are easier to handle thanks to their sturdy straps. Most shoulder bags are difficult to carry as their handles keep slipping off or they are too short to be slung on. But not the tote!

What are tote bags online made of?

Tote bags online India can be gotten in a host of materials. However, the quintessential tote bag was made of a tough cloth. The handles of such tote bags were made of leather and even the bottom was lined with them. The leather bags often have a bumpy surface. Some of the common fabrics for tote bags online India are heavy canvas that is treated or dyed for resisting mould and moisture. Jute is another popular material, although less popular.
In recent years, heavy nylon and other easy care synthetic materials have become common even though they may be degraded because of prolonged exposure to the sun. Several designers are coming up with tote bags online India with recycled materials, in particular, natural fibres and byproducts of processes that refine organic materials.
Tote bags made of jute, canvas, recycled materials, nylon and natural fibres are usually light in weight. They are easy to carry and perfect for everyday use. On the other hand, bags made of leather or polyurethane and faux leather are slightly heavier and have an edgier look. They are available in prints like checks and stripes. You can carry them to work with you, especially on conference days and other events.

Occasions to which you can carry tote bags

Tote bags online India can be gotten in a wide range of materials. They have been styled in geometric, floral, pop art and weaving designs which look elegant. They can be carried with a host of clothes, according to different occasions. If you are wondering what kind of tote bags online to carry, then here is a guide to help you out.
Day Out- Whenever you are out in the day for work or with friends, you may want to carry a lot of items. Most women pack in a bottle of water, sunscreen, tissues, umbrellas and purses in their bags. If you too have to carry a lot of items, then you can choose tote bags without worry. These tote bags come in different colours and you can match them with your outfits. If you want to travel light, then a canvas tote bag would be a good idea.
Beach Outings- Beach outings are a great place for you to take your tote bag with you. It can contain your bathing suit, towels, sunscreen lotion, sunglasses and other items. The tote bag shall hold it all securely. Because sea water can be corrosive, do not carry bags of very expensive materials. You can take a jute, canvas or even plastic tote with you. The latter would even keep away water droplets from your belongings, if any fall on your bag.
Night outs- Although outings at night with friends call for smaller handbags, like clutches, you can carry a tote with you, especially if you want to carry a few items with you. Tote bags can be handy if you want to pack in a light stole. Totes made of leather or polyurethane are a good choice. Go for a straight look which shall make it appear like a regular handbag. You can colour coordinate the tote with your dress for a chic and contemporary look.
You can check out a wide variety of tote bags online India on StalkBuyLove. You can choose them according to colour and the event that you will be carrying them to. Log in today to find the pieces that you fall in love with.