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HANDBAGS FOR WOMEN to carry off in style

Most women carry a nice handbag with them whenever they walk out of home. Not only does it look stylish but it also contains a wide range of items within such as tissues, car keys, home keys and cell phone. Handbags for women can be gotten in a range of styles, colours and embellishment that allows you to choose them according to the occasion. These designer ladies handbags look chic and shall add much oomph to your outfits.

Buy Designer Handbags

There are different kinds of ladies handbags that can be gotten online. They are handy and each has a specialty of its own. The popular designs are:

  • Tote Bags- Tote bags are large ladies designer handbags which come with twin handles and are free from any kind of zip or Velcro that closes the mouth. They are made of materials like nylon, canvas, jute and recycled materials. Some of the pieces can also be gotten in leather and faux leather. Thanks to their mouths being wide open, you can pack in large items too that might stick out of the bag.

  • Clutch purse- The clutch is a very versatile and popular among designer handbags for women. It is compact in size so that it can fit into your palm easily. Essentials like car keys, mobile phones and tissues can be packed into them. They can be gotten in different designs, including the box clutch. From appliqué work to stone embellishments, these clutches would definitely add a spark of brightness to your outfits.

  • Satchels- Satchels are considered stylish as well as useful by all fashionistas. The flat, wide bottom makes it easy for you to pack in your essentials. The double handles make carrying the bag easy. These designer ladies bags are usually made of PU and leather which makes them classy and chic.

  • Cross Sling Bag- A cross sling bag is considered peppy and youthful. It is easy to carry thanks to the large strap that can be put across your front. These bags are available in myriad colours like blue, red, yellow and black, checked and quilted patterns and much more. You can get bags with leather straps as well as metal chains.

  • Wristlet- The wristlet is akin to a purse with a small handle attached. The handle can be wrapped around your wrist and the purse clutched in your palms. These wristlets usually come with a single zip and compartment. You can pack in your essentials like car keys, cell phone and house keys.

    Picking ladies bags according to material

    Every material used to make handbags for women has its own specialty. Not only do they make the handbags look stunning but also make it useful. Some of the popular materials of handbags online and their benefits have been explained here on.

  • Canvas- Canvas is one of the most popular materials using which bags are made. These hand bags are light and cost effective. They can carry a lot of weight too. However, canvas bags are not waterproof and can wet your belongings.

  • Polyurethane- One of the most popular materials, polyurethane is light and has a look close to that of leather. You can find ladies handbags in quilted, printed and embroidered variants in the material. These ladies bags are light weight. However, these bags are not suited for rough use as the material is quite soft.

  • Leather- Leather bags are perhaps desired by most women. The material has a polished finish that feels elegant. It is also quite tough and can contain a lot of weight. However, real leather ladies bags can be quite heavy themselves, making you lug extra weight. Not to mention, pricey!

  • Jute- Considered the claim of intellectuals, jute bags are very eco friendly. They are light weight and are perfect for running errands with. Most of these bags are available in an embroidered variety. However, jute bags are not water proof and they are inept at handling heavy weight.

  • Faux Leather- If you are looking for an alternative to real leather, then nothing comes as close as faux leather. It looks bright and has its own polish. Faux leather is available in a multitude of colours, including blue, red, black and green. However, this ladies bag is not much suited for regular use.

    How to pair suitable ladies handbags with your outfits?
    Handbags online are available in different variants which can be confusing for you to pair with different clothes. Here is a guide for you to pick out the best of ladies handbags for all occasions.

  • Going to Work- Most women have to carry a lot of stuff with them when they are going to work. For instance, you may have papers, files, water bottles, lunch boxes and much more to carry with you to office. You can choose from a shoulder bag such as a satchel, tote bag or doctor bag to take with you. If you like a bit of variation in your handbags, then fringe bags are a good choice. Colours like brown, black and tan are good choices to go with as they look formal and blend well with different outfits.

  • Glam Night- When out partying with your friends, being light and carefree is all that matters. You can choose to carry a minaudiere or box clutch with stones studded on it that would look glam with your outfit. Alternatively, you can choose to carry an envelope bag with a metallic shoulder strap which would make it easier to carry the bag around.

  • Casual outings with friends- For casual outings with your friends, you can choose to carry a cross sling bag that would hold your essentials and be easy to carry. You can also opt for baguette bags and totes if you have a lot of errands to run. Carry them in light materials like canvas or polyurethane to make it easy for you to carry it with you.

    Handbags online for you to pick from
    StalkBuyLove has plenty of handbags for women that you can choose from. They belong to renowned brands and you can pick from them according to occasion, colour and other parameters.