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Although fashionistas swear by the LBDs and shorter lengths, there is something undeniably charming about maxi dresses online. The flowing silhouette couples with loose fit make it perfect if you want to feel relaxed yet stylish. Maxi dresses online have gained much popularity with a number of celebrities sporting them to different events. Long dresses or full length dresses are a must pack for your beach holiday and you can work it in with your summer wear and even day time clothing. Maxi dresses are a delight for those on the plumper side as well as they can be worn with aplomb without worrying about love handles or your midriff showing.
Long summer dresses and a whole host of designer maxi dresses are available online for you to choose from. You can browse through long dresses online based on style, colours and occasions.

Long maxi dresses

Maxi dresses for women have been a prominent part of women’s wear for long. Earlier, most gowns and dresses were long and they would look beautiful on both svelte as well as curvy women. Long maxi dresses were often restricted to gala events and mostly those attending award functions would be seen in them. However, with the advent of maxi dresses, it became easier to wear them for daytime events.

Maxi dresses or full length dresses are preferred for their flowing silhouette and curves that skim the curve. With plus size maxi dress, you can expect to look like a million bucks no matter where you go. Maxi dresses are mostly available in the following designs :

  • Monochrome- Most long dresses for women are available in monochrome, with hues ranging from maroon to black and beige. To cut in the monotony of the design, pleats, bows and buttons are often embellished down the front.

  • Printed- Printed long sleeve maxi dress is reminiscent of relaxing summers. These long maxi dresses are mostly available in pastel hues like lime yellow, sky blue, baby pink and grass green. These long dresses for women are designed with floral, Aztec, geometric, animal and Egyptian patterns even.

  • Sequins- To make long evening dresses look appealing and enticing, they are often stitched with sequins, buttons and shimmer. These long cocktail dresses can be gotten in myriad hues, from black to fuchsia and green.

    Classic Styling for your Sexy & cheap maxi dresses

    Maxi dresses have always inspired a relaxed yet chic look. These beautiful long dresses are usually worn with flip flops. This styling works best for daytime events like brunches. To make this look work, you should make sure that you wear light coloured outfits like white, lime yellow or pale blue. Go for prints like floral ones for they suit the daytime mood the best.

    For evening wear, you can go for the long black dresses that have slits along the side or have a fishtail ending. These dresses often have off shoulder, halter neck or one shoulder straps that look elegant and appealing. If black is not your colour, you can go with hues like violet, aqua, sea green and even yellow. You can make this look work by wearing a pair of platform heels with it.

    Top Accessories to wear with designer maxi dresses online india

    The main issue that one may have with these full length dresses is that they feel old after you have worn them for some time. However you can always revamp the way you wear them by taking a few accessories with you. Here are a few accessories that you can wear with your long dresses online.

  • Leather jackets- The leather jacket is a style statement in itself and is perfect to be worn during winters. It can transform the summery look of long dresses for women in no time. Make sure you pick a darker hue for your leather jacket, like brown or black that would look utterly stunning with your long cocktail dresses.

  • Footwear- Normally, fashionistas associate flip flops with long summer dresses. However, you can change the way a maxi dress feels by altering your footwear! Instead of wearing flip flops, go for a pair of roman heels or gladiator sandals. You can also wear platform heels with them for a dressier feel.

    How to pair a maxi dress with

    These full length dresses can also be paired with peep toe wedges to wear to parties. They look sharp and elegant with a maxi dress or rather long cocktail dresses.
  • Shrugs- The perfect foil for your boho chic look would be the shrug. They are available in a range of colours and prints as well as knitted designs. They are ideal for the day time look. If you think your upper arms are not your best features, you can always use shrugs to cover them up.

  • Blazer- A fitted blazer is a great choice to try out with your maxi dresses when the temperature drops. Compared to the loose flowing style, the fitted blazer would look sharp with them. You can pick out blazers in contrasting colours to wear with your long summer dresses to make them suited for times when the mercury drops.

  • Sneakers- A great pair of sneakers is the perfect way to make your maxi dresses look quirky and hobo chic. This is definitely a look to try in the summers.