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  • Black May Lace Dress_Pencil Black May Lace Dress_Pencil
  • Shera Dress_Pencil Shera Dress_Pencil
  • Malisa Dress_Pencil Malisa Dress_Pencil
  • Debut Dress_Pencil Debut Dress_Pencil
  • Soulmate Dress_Pencil Soulmate Dress_Pencil
  • Resonance Dress_Pencil Resonance Dress_Pencil
  • Burgundy Etty Dress_Pencil Burgundy Etty Dress_Pencil
  • Lace Wolfe Dress_Pencil Lace Wolfe Dress_Pencil
  • Talisma Dress_Pencil Talisma Dress_Pencil
  • Salvation Dress_Pencil Salvation Dress_Pencil
  • May Lace Dress_Pencil May Lace Dress_Pencil
  • Whistling Dress_Pencil Whistling Dress_Pencil
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If you have sweated out hours in the gym to achieve that perfect figure, then why not treat yourself with the pencil dresses online, which aptly accentuates your slender frame. It is classic, elegant and stylish while adding the hint of glamour. The pencil dress is a modern design, which has an interesting story attached to it. During the 20th century, the women in the society discontinued huge voluminous dresses, as they were expensive and restricted to their freedom of moment. Slowly short and light-weight dresses started becoming popular and these dresses came into spotlight. Some of the famous actresses of the 60’s such as Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe popularized this dress and women all the over the world were inspired to try on these new design outfits.

The pencil dresses online are considered as the perfect office and business wear, as they scream out power and authority with a style. The classic dress which perfectly blends as the office attire is broadly in the hues of black, blue, brown and grey. Adding a thin black/brown leather belt with a solid tan or leather bag completes the office look.

Apart from the classic dress, StalkBuyLove offers an assortment of cuts and designs such as open back, peplum, long sleeved along with bold, structured prints and skin-flattering colors. Experiment with polka dots, asymmetric patterns, block prints, pencil stripes and pair them with statement rings or a clutch along with the pumps and see the heads turn.