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Women's Sleeveless Shirts & Blouses

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Rose Tempress Blouse_Sleeveless Rose Tempress Blouse_Sleeveless
Tempress Blouse_Sleeveless Tempress Blouse_Sleeveless

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Red Fly Frills Blouse_Sleeveless Red Fly Frills Blouse_Sleeveless
Mustard Rihane Blouse_Sleeveless Mustard Rihane Blouse_Sleeveless
Earnest Shirt_Sleeveless Earnest Shirt_Sleeveless

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Amado Blouse_Sleeveless Amado Blouse_Sleeveless
Reen Blouse_Sleeveless Reen Blouse_Sleeveless
Tiffany Blouse_Sleeveless Tiffany Blouse_Sleeveless
Square It Up Blouse_Sleeveless Square It Up Blouse_Sleeveless
Kesey Shirt_Sleeveless Kesey Shirt_Sleeveless

Regular Price: 899

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Attic Blouse_Sleeveless Attic Blouse_Sleeveless
Navy Lupin Crop Shirt_Sleeveless Navy Lupin Crop Shirt_Sleeveless

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Rock The Sleeveless Look with Trendy Sleeveless Blouse at StalkBuyLove

Many women are often hesitant to sport a sleeveless blouse, shirt or dress. They feel self-conscious about showing their arms that aren’t tone, slim or slender. Apart from that, there is always a fear of unnecessary tan or sun-burn over the exposed arms. But there aren’t only negatives to sleeveless garments. They provide a slimmer stiletto and help to strike a balance if opting for jeans or full-length skirts. The sleeveless garments were introduced during 1970s and 1980s, and have never turned back after that. They are popularly worn during the summers and are often available in breathable fabrics like cotton, silk, jersey etc.

And now you may think, what is the right way to go sleeveless? Well, there isn’t any right way, you just have to develop your own personal style statement and choose the one which flatters and suits your body type. If you have a heavier upper body, always opt for V-neck top, which will create an illusion of longer neckline. Petite girls should look for square shaped necklines as they create a fuller look. Keep in mind while selecting the bottom wear, it should complement your sleeveless blouse or shirt and will create a balance. A plain shirt will look great with a patterned trouser or midi-skirt. On the other hand, a top with lot of detailing will go best with plain shorts or trousers. You can always throw up a jacket or a shrug to complete your entire look!