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  • Voris Blazer_Fashion Basics Voris Blazer_Fashion Basics
  • Rhombus Leggings_Fashion Basics Rhombus Leggings_Fashion Basics

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  • Lancaster Top_Fashion Basics Lancaster Top_Fashion Basics
  • Intrigue Skirt_Fashion Basics Intrigue Skirt_Fashion Basics
  • Boyne Leggings_Fashion Basics Boyne Leggings_Fashion Basics

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  • Andreas Top_Fashion Basics Andreas Top_Fashion Basics
  • Lowell Boyfriend Blazer_Fashion Basics Lowell Boyfriend Blazer_Fashion Basics
  • Brock Joggers_Fashion Basics Brock Joggers_Fashion Basics
  • Essentials Skirt_Fashion Basics Essentials Skirt_Fashion Basics
  • Black Love Blazer_Fashion Basics Black Love Blazer_Fashion Basics
  • Fleta Leggings_Fashion Basics Fleta Leggings_Fashion Basics

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  • Black Casimir Top_Fashion Basics Black Casimir Top_Fashion Basics
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We give you cool, comfortable and chic in our casual wear that meets your fashion aspirations. Stay relaxed yet stylish with our basics in solids, and our favourite wardrobe staples.
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Whether you identify as a docile-next-door-girl who loves the subtle colours and sticks to jeans and tees or the girl who has a biker chic demeanour and loves the distressed jeans and long boots or the quintessential fashion diva who loves the designer labels as her most precious possessions, one thing that hasn’t altered over the years are the Fashion Basics that occupy each one of their wardrobes. Some fashion staples that help one achieve the nerdy look or the never-enough-diva-look hold an utmost importance in every girl’s life. She can’t survive without these attires that scream out her feminine vibe-out-loud and embrace her curves like nothing else.

Since the advent of fashion, the fashionistas or the women who love and breathe fashion believe to have some articles like skirts, jeggings and jeans as wardrobe staples. Exploring the feminine silhouette in all its dignified glory is the main aim that lead the fashion house SBL to launch a collection of apparels that cover all basics, hence the name Fashion Basics. Be it the modest mid-skirt or dress covering and exposing the right amount of flesh or the figure accentuating bodysuits or the comfortable jeggings or joggers for lounging comfortably at home, there is something for everyone.


Filling your life with unmissable anecdotes, endless laughs and gossips was never this fun before, dressing up on a whim, making impromptu plans with peers, all gets a makeover with an amazing ease. From choosing sports luxe in the form of a sporty tee with Brock Joggers and sneakers to wearing Danity Co-ords with simple sandals and a low bun, there is absolutely no dearth of styles to choose. Pick a look that suits your mood to elevate your style quotient in unimaginable ways from the fashion Basics section of Stalkbuylove and add an extra edge by pairing them with accessories like chandelier earrings or hot stilettos for fancier evenings.