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Knots & Laces Dress Up

| 80
Payet Dress_Knots & Laces Payet Dress_Knots & Laces
Black Triem Tee_Knots & Laces Black Triem Tee_Knots & Laces
Crissy Tee_Knots & Laces Crissy Tee_Knots & Laces
Heston Shirt_Knots & Laces Heston Shirt_Knots & Laces

Regular Price: 899

Special Price 556 (-38%)

Olive Gonzalo Top_Knots & Laces Olive Gonzalo Top_Knots & Laces

Regular Price: 1,199

Special Price 799 (-33%)

Eves Jumpsuit_Knots & Laces Eves Jumpsuit_Knots & Laces
Welvia Leggings_Knots & Laces Welvia Leggings_Knots & Laces
Empire Blouse_Knots & Laces Empire Blouse_Knots & Laces
Ersatz Dress_Knots & Laces Ersatz Dress_Knots & Laces
Red Crissy Tee_Knots & Laces Red Crissy Tee_Knots & Laces

Regular Price: 1,199

Special Price 559 (-53%)

Blue Gonzalo Top_Knots & Laces Blue Gonzalo Top_Knots & Laces

Regular Price: 999

Special Price 699 (-30%)

Gonzalo Top_Knots & Laces Gonzalo Top_Knots & Laces
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This sexy detail is trending all over the world. From plunge necks to low backs, the lace up adds another dimension to your outfit.
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If one is beauty obsessed and are an avid follower of runway trends, she would certainly be aware of the current runway craze around the world that is none other than the knots and laces. A reminiscent of the times when corsets on the woman’s bosom were famous for the intricate lace designs and patterns of knots and lace was considered as the most exquisite creation ever, the laces have ruled ever since as an essential element. The simplification in the designs of lace to make it cost-friendly and more approachable to the public impacted the fashion trade and led to the invention of lace in simple ground net patterns or knots in a crazy criss-cross pattern at the hem or the neckline..

This season’s most coveted couture from sweet sorbet hues to androgynous tailoring, lace features on catwalk from New York to Milan and now brought closer home by the leading fashion house, Stalkbuylove. White crochet laces with little knots on summer dresses, red and black intricate designs when one is in the mood of playing a sultry siren or simple party tops to get in the Christmas spirit, these knots and laces steal the show. SBL salutes this enchanting spirit of womanhood that is so delicate by showcasing the heyday of flapper chic infusing with modern diva in the form of bodysuits, tops or dresses that can be adorned every day.

Every woman desires to stay fashionably chic all her life, from her childhood to her old age, she wants to flaunt her silhouette and aspires to keep her closet, updated with the latest designer wear. The latest collection exhibits strongly that luxury is not disdainful of the simpler ways of life, rather it is all about seizing the right moment and hence portrays an enchanting mixture of the whole array of things to choose from for every occasion.The innovative and creative designs filled with all-glam or fun-couture offers the most versatile assortment of women’s ensembles in a section dedicated to knots and laces by SBL.