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Athleisure Style Vibes

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Etty Dress_Athleisure Etty Dress_Athleisure
Anet Dress_Athleisure Anet Dress_Athleisure
Ardio Dress_Athleisure Ardio Dress_Athleisure
Untie Leggings_Athleisure Untie Leggings_Athleisure
Eloise Bomber Jacket_Athleisure Eloise Bomber Jacket_Athleisure
Rhea Top_Athleisure Rhea Top_Athleisure
Team Tunic_Athleisure Team Tunic_Athleisure
Jenns Stirrup Leggings_Athleisure Jenns Stirrup Leggings_Athleisure
Raise Skirt_Athleisure Raise Skirt_Athleisure
Alicia Cardigan_Athleisure Alicia Cardigan_Athleisure
Intrigue Skirt_Athleisure Intrigue Skirt_Athleisure
Vaughn Leggings_Athleisure Vaughn Leggings_Athleisure
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The United Yet Distinctive ATHLEISURE STYLES

The female gender has been represented with many words- Uber-chic, Sensual, Classy, Feminine, Elegant, resilient, cosmopolitan and much more. No wonder, the apparels she adorns are the sole representatives of the names given to her personality. Women from different backgrounds and cultures respond variably, but unite at this unique distinction of adorning distinctive outfits. The Athleisure category by the one of the leading fashion houses SBL, is one such composition of the female dresses which are crafted for the women of different natures and moods. From the sturdy Tomboy women to the soft-spoken homemakers, from the empowered working professionals to the brawny athletes, all can come together to buy the classic collection of women Athleisure apparels. is highly engaged in offering women with all such essential styles such as jackets, leggings, dresses, joggers, tops, skirts, co-ords and more which she needs every day in her personal and professional life.

Get Set TO Rock Your Vibes from DAY TO NIGHT

This trend is one of those styles that are so good that they stick around for more than one season. Give your wardrobe a fresh update this season by wearing the Mexican peasant blouses, gypsy-style off-shoulder tops and skirts, scarves and loose flowing dresses. SBL not only showcases the latest trends endorsed by the fashion A-listers like the Kardashian sisters, but nudges the today’s woman to experiment with different cuts and patterns when it comes to letting your inhibitions go. From cut-shoulders to knee length ensembles, from midriff-baring looks to soft tunics, all styles are an extension of the Gypsy-soul’s affinity to fluidity. Wearing one for the picnic with friends or a casual day out with anything from palazzos to culottes can really up your décolletage game.