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HIPPIE VIBE - A Fashion Trend You Need, NOW | 65Products
  • Abigail Top_Hippie Vibe Abigail Top_Hippie Vibe
  • Lucius Blouse_Hippie Vibe Lucius Blouse_Hippie Vibe

    Regular Price: 1,299

    Special Price 779 (-40%)

  • Chalice Top_Hippie Vibe Chalice Top_Hippie Vibe

    Regular Price: 1,449

    Special Price 1,199 (-17%)

  • Alabaster Dress_Hippie Vibe Alabaster Dress_Hippie Vibe

    Regular Price: 1,399

    Special Price 899 (-36%)

  • Heavens Maxi Skirt_Hippie Vibe Heavens Maxi Skirt_Hippie Vibe
  • Yara Dress_Hippie Vibe Yara Dress_Hippie Vibe
  • Abyss Dress_Hippie Vibe Abyss Dress_Hippie Vibe

    Regular Price: 2,149

    Special Price 1,609 (-25%)

  • Flitter Dress_Hippie Vibe Flitter Dress_Hippie Vibe

    Regular Price: 2,199

    Special Price 1,099 (-50%)

  • Pisces Tunic_Hippie Vibe Pisces Tunic_Hippie Vibe
  • Merleen Shorts_Hippie Vibe Merleen Shorts_Hippie Vibe
  • Merlin Blouse_Hippie Vibe Merlin Blouse_Hippie Vibe

    Regular Price: 1,199

    Special Price 699 (-42%)

  • Merma Top_Hippie Vibe Merma Top_Hippie Vibe
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Hippie-vibe collection - A Fashion Trend You Need Now

They say trends move in a cyclical manner and keep making a come back year after year, rather too early to keep up with these days. The most bewitching fashion trend of the 70’s creates a reminiscing look once again with the comeback of mini skirts, off-shoulder tops, lace detailings, bell-sleeves and the androgynous Hippie-vibe look that created a stir worldwide with its freedom of speech and fluidity of fashion. The latest trend to catch the eye of all the fashionistas nationally and internationally is none other than the free-flowing hippie look that personifies the woman of today. Women today, are constantly on-the-go, multitasking their home and careers effortlessly and creating a yogi-kind-of-balance wherever they can. Yes, it’s tough at times and she has to portray a calm face in the times of high tide too, but does she waver with a flicker of uncertainty anywhere? NO. She needs to let go at times and has to let her gypsy-out-to-play, the new Hippie style outfits collection is a tribute to women who are progressively following their dreams

Why Everyone is Loving It

This trend is one of those styles that are so good that they stick around for more than one season. Give your wardrobe a fresh update this season by wearing the Mexican peasant blouses, gypsy-style off-shoulder tops and skirts, scarves and loose flowing dresses. SBL not only showcases the latest trends endorsed by the fashion A-listers like the Kardashian sisters, but nudges the today’s woman to experiment with different cuts and patterns when it comes to letting your inhibitions go. From cut-shoulders to knee length ensembles, from midriff-baring looks to soft tunics, all styles are an extension of the Gypsy-soul’s affinity to fluidity. Wearing one for the picnic with friends or a casual day out with anything from palazzos to culottes can really up your décolletage game.