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Blue Parrish Top_Riverside Blue Parrish Top_Riverside
Blue Mace Top_Riverside Blue Mace Top_Riverside
Panama Blouse_Riverside Panama Blouse_Riverside
Blue Eden Top_Riverside Blue Eden Top_Riverside
Blue Alabaster Dress_Riverside Blue Alabaster Dress_Riverside
Mettle Top_Riverside Mettle Top_Riverside
Blue Malibu Top_Riverside Blue Malibu Top_Riverside
Mykonos Jumpsuit_Riverside Mykonos Jumpsuit_Riverside
Riverside Rosebud Dress_Riverside Riverside Rosebud Dress_Riverside
Latanya Top_Riverside Latanya Top_Riverside
Ethele Top_Riverside Ethele Top_Riverside
Blue Gallic Top_Riverside Blue Gallic Top_Riverside
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The Riverside collection from SBL is a salute to the mondaine womens

Water and Women- the two W’s are known for their tranquil natures when calm like a river and feisty when need be. Women in general are known for their pious nature, similar to the fundamental characteristics of the hard working and industrial river. Their composed natures can also be judged from their love towards blue colour in which both look apparently eye drooling at all times. The Riverside collection from SBL is a salute to the mondaine women who is not apprehensive to exhibit her love for the fluidity of fashion. The variant shades of blue like indigo, navy, sky, sapphire, admiral, spruce, cobalt, azure, lapis and lot more have been incorporated by the intelligent designers in crafting out serene and unflustered dresses for the women which could be embellished by them at various times and occasions for a day. For the business hours, the Blue Alcott Skirt keeps you peaceful, while the lousy weekends could be dressed in Blue Alabaster Dress for the required calmness. Similarly the romantic nights and the dazzling evenings, all need the pinch of cool-headedness, that can be definitely achieved with SBL’s Riverside versatile collection.

The Fashion Statement to make now

Be it the divas from the yesteryears or the beauties of now, making new fashion statements in every era is a must to be adhered principle of the vogue industry. Similarly, the current era calls for dressing in blue from tip to toe. The Riverside assortment of fashion apparels could be teamed up with blue denim pants, blue shorts, blue skirts and even the contrasting accessories in blue for a monochromatic look. The English colour in the overalls, blouses, shrugs, palazzos, skirts, dresses, bodysuits and more is something to fall for, leaving a long-lasting impression on one and all. From the workplace to your special dinner dates, from the prom nights to the wedding occasions, the hue of blue is all set to accentuate your personality. Grab the latest trends of the shade from and get ready to rock your vibe for the season.