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Buy exclusive Jeans for women here

In today’s times, what essentially makes the wardrobe of the modern day women, is a pair of boyfriend jeans, and to be truthful, at least half a dozen of them! And this isn’t even surprising, given the element of class, style and comfort that these pair of trousers made of denim bring to the ladies dresses! And they aren’t even restricted to casual occasions any more! While offices have their employees wearing the best of their boyfriend jeans on Fridays, just in order to give a perfect kick-start to the weekends, jeans for girls have also made their way to formal gatherings and dinner parties, thanks to the wide range of styles they’ve been made available in!
The first jeans were invented back in 1871 by clothing giant Levi Strauss & Co and were blue in colour who had taken out a patent for it back in 1873. Girls Jeans were dyed in factories and traditionally indigo was used for the purpose. However, things have changed now, and for all we know, they’ve changed for the better! With a myriad of choices available right from the wash of these girls jeans to their shades, colours and styles, people have grown to be spoilt for choice!
And not surprisingly, these stupendous part of ladies jeans are now available for online shopping for everyone to take their pick of the choicest ones!

Shaded Boyfriend jeans online

Available in wash that makes them look faded in patches, these are best for a casual, more chic look! They often act as a style quotient and are an all-time hit amongst the teens! And while we’re at it, let us also tell you about the acid-washed jeans for girls, which are typically washed by acid to give them a symmetrically shaded hue for a rugged, used-up look, again a favourite amongst the young girls!

Ripped Jeans for women

Wanting a jeans with frayed ends for that completely distressed look unlike those ultra-feminine ladies dresses, which is as attractive as it can get! Then let us tell you, you’re on the lookout for ripped boy friend jeans. These type of jeans are often shredded on the thigh, the knee or at the ends near the ankle. While they were utterly popular in the early 2000s we seldom find them being adorned by people nowadays! However, they are the best when you wish to make a unique statement of style!

Bell-Bots Jeans for women

Essentially cut out to make the legs look, taller and more slender, the bell-bottoms have stood the test of time and came out victorious. A rage in the 1970s and then the 1990s, these boyfriend jeans online are on their way back in the Indian fashion scene, and how!

Skinny Jeans

These jeans for women cling perfectly well to the legs, so that you can flaunt them in the most appealing way possible! Designed to augment the perfect hourglass figure, the skinny boyfriend jeans look just amazing with tank tops, or any loose fitted upper for that matter! You can also rely on the skinny jeans to look just fabulous when paired with long jackets and overcoats and even kurtis!

Slim-Fit Denim Jeans

While they are not as clingy as the skinny boyfriend jeans, they do snuggly hug the legs, giving you a sleek suave look. In fact, the slim-fit denims are an ideal pick for those who love a perfect balance of style with comfort. Team them up with a nice lacy top of your choice for that stunning feminine look!

Regular Fit boyfriend Jeans

Extremely comfortable, and equally alluring to look at, the regular fit boyfriend jeans are a little loose and do not taper at the ankles like most other types ofboyfriend jeans, making them a perfect go-to alternative especially for the summers! These jeans for women look wondrous when worn with casual t-shirts and pullovers!

Low Waist Jeans

Ideal for women with the hour-glass body type, these boyfriend jeans have become a rage and how! They go perfectly well with all types of tees and tops, making them the most sought-after style in the recent times!

Mid & High Rise Denims
Perfect for girls with pear-shaped bodies, these jeans are essentially designed to camouflage the flaws and highlight the curves, all in the right places! Easily available online amongst the variety of ladies dresses, these denims come in all styles, sizes and colours!

How to Buy Ladies Jeans Online - All You Need to Know!
Buying jeans for girls online is an easy task, however, there are a few things that you must give careful consideration to, before making the call! Here’s a list of them:

  • Comfort
    Skinny, slim or regular; high, mid or low-rise; ripped, washed or solid coloured, you have a wide variety of them all. That being said, you must only opt for jeans that fit you perfectly well, so that you seem all confident and classy while carrying them around. If you have curves in the right places, pick a pair of skinny jeans, and if you’re rather curvaceous opt for the mid-rise regular fit, just so that you look great and feel stylish!

  • Versatility
    They go well with pullovers, casual t-shirts, formal shirts and even the conventional ladies dresses like the kurtis, yes, jeans are that versatile! And now that you know that make sure you pick one that goes well with most of your uppers. Try picking a universal colour like blue or black that blends perfectly well with all your outfit choices. While we do not recommend you not experimenting with various styles when it comes to ladies dresses, but having at least one versatile jeans for women, is after all, a smart move for your wardrobe!

  • Style
    No one is a better judge of your style than you are. Be it your love for the skinny fit, or your liking for the flared jeans, it is for you to pick which style of ladies dresses would look the best on you! And hence, contrary to the usual fashion mantras, we suggest you to not go for what is tending, and instead choose jeans for women that make you look your stylish best!

    Jeans are but an important part of the female wardrobe and they can be worked into every outing with friends, family or even with your special someone. You can check out StalkBuyLove for the latest designs in jeans for women online and learn amazing ways to wear them with your favourite tops, blouses and woollens!
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