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Bringing back retro in style- Palazzo

Palazzo has become a rage among women nowadays. They are perfect for the summer months for their flowing, flared out design that keeps you cool and comfortable all through the day. Palazzos are available in monochrome and printed variants and according to the occasion, you can choose between them. Palazzo pants are being designed by both local and global brands, making it easy for you to find a great pair. Palazzo pants online come in prints like floral, Aztec, geometric and Egyptian, which look edgy and will instantly attract attention your way. You can buy a palazzo in your size to wear with myriad tops.

How are palazzo pants different from others?

Ladies palazzo pants may look similar to a lot of other trendy bottoms that have hit the racks in the recent past. Bell bottoms, gaucho pants and even harem pants are often confused with palazzo dress. Here are a few pointers that clearly mark the difference between palazzo and the rest.
Palazzo pants are different from bell bottoms as the latter flares out only from the knee downwards while palazzos are flared all through. Gaucho pants or culottes too differ from palazzos in their overall styling. Gaucho pants usually fall down to the knees whereas palazzo is a full length trouser. Also, the flare of culottes has been designed to resemble a skirt. It was worn by women who wanted to wear trousers but had to wear skirts for maintaining dress decorum. Palazzo pants for women, on the other hand is completely casual and can be worn on outings with friends and family.
Palazzo pants are quite different from harem pants as well. Even though they are flared all through, they narrow around the ankles. Also, they are pleated around the top that gives them that look.

What to pair a palazzos with?

Palazzo can be worn with a host of tops. The trick is to have your outfit balanced completely. Women choose to wear tees, blouses and even tank tops with them, given the outings that they want to go for. The best tops that you can wear with cotton palazzo pants are:

  • Crop tops- Crop tops are perfect if you want to show off your washboard abs. You can wear them with palazzos to show off your midriff. They look chic and you will appear young and peppy.

  • Chambray- Denim shirts are one of the best things to pair with palazzo . They have a rustic appearance about them. Make sure you pick out a short length chambray to wear with your ladies palazzo pants.

  • Tees- If you are aiming for a completely casual look, then you can wear palazzo pants online India with regular cotton t-shirts. Make sure they are of a shorter length as you want the palazzos to appear long and flowing. From graphic tees to round neck ones, you can wear them with almost anything!

    Accessories to don with cotton palazzos pants or palazzo trousers

    No outfit is complete without a healthy splattering of accessories and palazzo is no different. There are different kinds of accessories that you can pair with your palazzo pants for a boho chic look. The top accessories to be paired are:

    • Shrugs- Shrugs look great with palazzo and aid in creating the much-in-vogue layered look. Depending on the weather, you can choose cotton or lace shrugs and woolen ones.

    • Jackets- Jackets appear stylish with palazzo and give it an edgier look. To balance out the flare of the palazzo, make sure you pick a jacket that is fitted and short in length.

    Black palazzo pants or White palazzo pants, select to suit occasions

    You can wear a palazzo to a host of different occasions, ranging from office to social dos. If you are unsure of how to carry off the palazzo dress for various occasions, then here are the top looks for you to try out.

    Office wear- Palazzo can be worn to work with aplomb with the right kind of styling. You can wear monochrome palazzos to work, choosing dark colours like black, maroon and blue. Pair them with nude coloured shirts or blouses that blend well into the corporate set up. Make sure you tuck your shirt in to balance out the flare of palazzos. You can round off your look with wearing platform high heels.

    Social outings- For casual outings to coffee dates and movies with friends, you can choose to wear light coloured palazzos, preferably those that have floral prints on them. Go for a feminine look by wearing chiffon palazzos with your sheer blouses. Strap on a pair of sandals or flip flops to complete the relaxed look.

    Night outs- Palazzo pants can be made to look glamorous with the right kinds of accessories and pairing. Go for monochrome palazzos that are embellished with shiny buttons for a glitzy look. You can wear them with sheer shirts or blouses in a contrasting colour. Colour blocking is a very popular fashion trend and you can try it out by pairing your printed palazzos with monochrome tops in a completely contrasting colour and vice versa. Lastly, round off your look with a pair of stilettos or platform wedges!

    You can get palazzo pants online India in different styles and colours from myriad brands. They are available in a range of sizes to suit your waistline. Log in to check out the extensive collection!
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