Unless you are living under a rock, you would know that Coachella is here.

So, it was natural for the frenzy to hit home and become a conversation-starter. Stalker was over at the office and during drinks, we happened to wonder: What if Coachella were a person? What would she wear? Would she have the same style as her devotees?

And who better to answer this than #BabesofSBL? Here is Coachella’s – the fiercely, cool girl – style, as reimagined by some of our favourite bloggers.

In Themyscira, our armours were our clothes and our clothes were our armours. Colours like gold, red and brown were meant for everybody and all seasons. Life was much simpler. #goodtimes
London, 1918. My first time in a 'Man's World'. I did not like it. I was shocked at what passed off as armour. As flattering as these corsets were, women could not move or fight in them. I hear they are back in fashion now. Women are wearing them with skirts and jeans, outside rather than inside. I guess, you can make anything look good with a bit of comfort.
The first time I saw a hat, I did not where to put it. Also, purple is not really my colour. But they are really doing great things to lace and frills now. So wearable!
It gives me much happiness that grey is as classy and wearable as it used to be back then. You can do so much with grey co-ordinate sets! I, almost always, wear grey to work. And apparently, I am not supposed to carry my sword or shield in public.
I had to fight for this blue dress, you know. It was absolutely worth it. If you like something, just wear it (but do not fight, unless it is on Sale).
I remember how much I used to wear this cape to work. My friend said I was repeating outfits. And this was from someone whose signature costume was a cape! But you know what? Let the haters hate.