Oh come now, we are pretty sure that there is nothing you hate more than exercising or playing any sport. But that does not mean you have to hate sporty fashion too. Sports can meet fashion. Athletics can meet stylish wear.

While you were busy trying to figure out what to pick between stylish and comfy, summer wear, we got you a look which can do both.

The ‘easy movement’ look is finally here, ladies. Check it out.

                                                                               ‘Sport meets fashion’ is not unattainable      The problem with sporty fashion is that we treat it as the bad girl of fashion, something unattainable and reserved for only the bravest of humans. Like how-they-get-up-at-five-in-the-morning-for-crunches unattainable and brave. It does not have to be. Treat it as any other piece in your wardrobe and layer it (see above). Throw on a pair of black sheer panel leggings with a bra top for summers and your favourite leather jacket for winters. Voilà!


                                                                                   ‘Sport meets fashion’ is easy to wearThe best thing about sporty fashion is that you can look pulled together without getting a whole new fancy outfit. Let it be a simple, crisp white dress with minimal details and your favourite sneakers. Nobody will hate on you for this outfit.


                                                                        Run to the supermarket without actually runningYou are a human being with hands and feet. A human being whose daily schedule consists of 95.05% in movements (hey, we did not make this up). So, don’t you want something you can move about in without it being ugly? Get you a black sheer shift dress with a matching bodysuit.


                                                                                         Look good on and off the courtAthleisure does not have to be styled (it has the word ‘leisure’ in it, hello!). It is meant to be easy. There are so many ways you can pair a black bra top, such as with high-waisted bottoms and dungarees. And shorts are for summers what nude lip is for office. Truly je ne sais quoi.