What do Sabyasachi, Olivia Palermo and 60s fashion have in common? Blogger Srish from stylefashionetc loves all of them. Our Sunday Star this weekend took time from her busy schedule and met us to talk shop, her favourite travel destination and what makes Shristi ‘Shristi’. Happy reading, folks!


srish 2

1. Describe yourself in two lines: I am a simple person. I like to stay in more than going out, spend hours on Pinterest getting inspiration and would rather spend quality time with one or two friends than going out with ten people who barely know me.

2. Favourite fashion designer and why: Sabyasachi for the classic Indian outfits and Ralph and Russo for their avant-garde gowns.

3. One holiday destination on your radar and why: Santorini, because it is the most picturesque location I have ever seen.

4. You would wardrobe swap with: Olivia Palermo! I love everything she wears. She is always sharp and chic.

5. Currently listening to: ‘Love Me Now’ by John Legend.

6. A restaurant everyone must go to and why: Fuji, Connaught Place. I am an ardent lover of Japanese cuisine and this place is as authentic as it gets.

7 One thing you never leave the house without: Lip balm

8. If you could go back in history, what fashion era would you like to live in: The 60s. I love the flared midi dresses and the pointy heels!

9. What do you like the most about SBL? The experimental designs.

10. If you could change one thing about SBL, what would it be? The tops and dresses with high-necklines aren’t very comfortable for me. I am a bit claustrophobic when it comes to higher necklines but I love the designs and would love it if they have a little more room to breathe.