*Contains spoilers. You have been warned*

Someone once asked me where I buy my clothes from. I was at a very important party that night, following someone and being my discreet self (I have become good at it, I must tell you). This stranger came up to me, platter in hand (making me miss my mother’s food) and complimented me on my dress. She wanted to know my opinion on fashion. I am no expert but I was always confused by all these rules women had to follow to look good, like wearing black to appear slim, never mixing prints or not wearing white after Labor Day. Who made all these rules? As I talked to the mysterious stranger, my mind went back to my first time in London. I was fresh out of Themyscira, super-eager to save the world and had no idea of any fashion etiquette. So much has changed since then…

Red is the official colour of Fall 2017. The soon-to-be-seen everywhere colour is giving us major wardrobe goals. Red says bold, dynamic and the fact you are not shy to take risks. Girl, you should get this.

Talking of colours, mustard has hit the runways in a big way and we cannot think of enough reasons to wear this! Next time you step out, just dip into some mustard.

If last season was all about statement furs, this season we are going back to basic layering. A gentle cardigan with a bralet top peeping from underneath is right on our fall radar.

Those who though that corsets are a strict Victorian staple good for contemporary parades and masked balls have been proven stylishly wrong. These are light on your waist and heavy on style and did we mention, versatile?

Floral shirts refuse to leave the trend circuit and have now taken on deeper shades. Your next fall investments should definitely consist of these bold prints and opulent details.

The upcoming season also adds soft, feminine details to the classic work blazer. Putting this on for work Monday morning will surely be a start to a great week.

Power sleeves are the equivalent to power suits this season and in fact, decade. They are sassy, work-appropriate and you can get as dramatic as you want with a swish.

Did ruffles ever go out of fashion? These have seen a transition from ultra-girly flourish to sartorial mood-lifters; and this season, even trousers were seen sporting them.

Fall without sweats? We can't even imagine.

If you want to keep it short and trendy, try corset culottes. Yes, it's time to leave your basic culottes behind.