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[sport meets fae-shun]
"phrase - active wear that is stylish
and comfortable."
Athletics meet urban chic
"adjective - patterns sown onto cloth using
threads of different colours."
A stitch in time.
"noun - cloth that has design printed on it, like floral, stripes, etc. "
Summer done right
[bra-it kal-arz]
"adjective phrase - colours that are strong and easy to see, cheerful and lively."
Shades you'll want to wear all the time
[ruhf - uhls]
"noun - a strip of cloth, lace, etc., drawn up by gathering along one edge & used as a trimming on a dress, blouse, etc. "
"Add a little wave to your wardrobe!"
Bare Shoulder [bay-er shol-der]
"adjective - design not covering or falling
off the shoulder."
Shoulder your style
Power Sleeves [pa-wer-sleevz]
"noun - narrow at top, that flares at
its bottom edge like a bell."
More power to you.