Track Order
  1. Casual (39)
  2. Blouses (16)
  3. Skater (15)
  4. Trousers Set (13)
  5. Bodycon (10)
  6. Pants (10)
  7. Maxi (9)
  8. Crop (9)
  9. Formal Blazers (8)
  10. A Line (6)
  11. Jumpsuits (6)
  12. Shift (5)
  13. Cami (5)
  14. Shrugs (4)
  15. Joggers (4)
  16. Pencil (3)
  17. Shirt (3)
  18. Formal (3)
  19. Bralette (3)
  20. Skirts Set (2)
  21. Cardigans (2)
  22. Hoodies (2)
  23. Tees (2)
  24. Jeans (2)
  25. Belts (2)
  26. Sweaters (2)
  27. Casual Jackets (2)
  28. Jeggings (1)
  29. Sweatshirts (1)
  30. Playsuits (1)
  31. Bodysuits (1)
  32. Culottes (1)
  33. Leggings (1)
  34. Duster Coats (1)
  35. Bomber Jackets (1)
  36. Casual Blazers (1)
  1. Black (55)
  2. Multi (48)
  3. Blue (19)
  4. White (11)
  5. Green (10)
  6. Grey (9)
  7. Mustard (8)
  8. Maroon (7)
  9. Beige (5)
  10. Red (5)
  11. Rose (5)
  12. Pink (3)
  13. Olive (3)
  14. Rust (2)
  15. Cream (1)
  16. Metallic (1)
  17. Checks (1)
  1. L (193)
  2. XS (192)
  3. M (192)
  4. S (191)
  5. XL (190)
  6. 2XS (188)
  7. 3XS (186)
  8. 2XL (172)
  1. Mini (32)
  2. Midi (12)
  3. Maxi (10)
Sleeve Length
  1. Full Sleeves (60)
  2. Sleeveless (37)
  3. 3-4 Sleeves (36)
  4. Short Sleeves (35)
  5. Full length (2)
  1. Daywear (77)
  2. Evening Wear (61)
  3. Workwear (51)
  4. Activewear (7)
  1. Ruffles & Frills (21)
  2. Knots & Ties (18)
  3. Cut Outs (16)
  4. Slits (11)
  5. Off Shoulder (9)
  6. Bell Sleeves (7)
  7. Pleats (6)
  8. Lace And Crochet (6)
  9. One Shoulder (6)
  10. Tapes (6)
  11. Sheer (5)
  12. Embroidered (4)
  13. Ankle Length (4)
  14. Peplum (3)
  15. Cold Shoulder (3)
  16. Ruche/Gathers (3)
  17. Button detail (3)
  18. Sequin (2)
  19. Flared Hem (2)
  20. Distress (1)
  21. Buttons & Eyelet (1)
  22. Choker (1)
  23. Corset (1)
  24. Precious Pearls (1)
  25. Eyelets (1)
  1. Fall Edit (32)
  2. Tailored (17)
  3. Athleisure (15)
  4. Back to College (14)
  5. Checks & Stripes (10)
  6. Autumn Vibes (8)
  7. Summer Brights (6)
  8. Back to School (5)
  9. Spring Preview (4)
  10. The Vacay Edit (4)
  11. Denim (3)
  12. Power Sleeves (3)
  13. Summer of Love (3)
  14. Indo-western (3)
  15. Bare Shoulder (2)
  16. Utilitarian (2)
  17. Spring Edit (2)
  18. Botanicals (1)
  19. Embroidered (1)
  20. Summer Whites (1)
  21. Deconstructed (1)
  22. Winter Brights (1)
  23. American Dream (1)
  24. Valentine Edit (1)
  25. The Getaway Girl (1)
  26. The Explorer (1)
  27. Under my Umbrella (1)
  28. Under My Umbrella (1)
  29. Travel Edit (1)
  1. Solids (143)
  2. Checks & Plaid (17)
  3. Stripes (16)
  4. Floral (7)
  5. Lace (7)
  6. Textures (2)
  7. Animal Print (1)
  1. Round (32)
  2. V (23)
  3. Shirt/Polo (17)
  4. Lapel (16)
  5. Sweetheart (13)
  6. Square (9)
  7. High (9)
  8. Off Shoulder (8)
  9. Mandarin (7)
  10. Crew (6)
  11. One Shoulder (6)
  12. Boat (5)
  13. Plunge (3)
  14. Crew (3)
  15. Halter (1)
  16. Scoop (1)
  1. Regular (81)
  2. Skinny (40)
  3. Tailored (18)
  4. Relaxed (14)
  5. Flare (11)
  6. A-Line (10)
  7. Straight (9)
  8. Box (5)
  9. Wide Leg & Flare (3)
  10. Asymmetrical (1)

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Floral Printed Lidia Pussy Bow Detail Skater Dress_That\'s Hot
Sailor Blue Marea Wrap Shirt_That\'s Hot
Striped Janet Smocking Detail A Line Dress_That\'s Hot

Regular Price: 1,699

Special Price 1,399 (-18%)

Striped Mandy Off Shoulder Top_That\'s Hot
Spruce Trinity Eyelet Detail Playsuit_That\'s Hot
Rose Gwen Trench Detail Bodycon Dress_That\'s Hot

Regular Price: 1,699

Special Price 1,299 (-24%)

Metallic Jonita Sequin Detail Indo Western Crop Top_That\'s Hot
Rust Morena Pearl Button Detail Blouse_That\'s Hot

Regular Price: 799

Special Price 699 (-13%)

Black Sarah Tape Detail Tank Top_That\'s Hot

Regular Price: 699

Special Price 599 (-14%)

Colourblocked Laura One Shoulder Jumpsuit_That\'s Hot
Sailor Blue Derby Ruffle Detail A Line Dress_That\'s Hot

Regular Price: 1,599

Special Price 1,299 (-19%)

Rust Brenda Peplum Linen Shirt_That\'s Hot

How to wear those sexy dresses once the party is over

No one likes parties to end and at the end of any party don’t we feel sad while having part from our lovely party dresses – the hot dresses that we simply adore? This is only because even though we die to wear these dresses again, we do want to wear them again but then differently styled. For instance once the New Year bash is over we all feel low while thinking where to wear the stylish dresses next. The way to take those sexy stylish dresses into January and beyond is probably by wearing them down so that they gradually become less shiny and more wearable to other places too. A shirt worn open like a shrug along with a dress can give off an informal air to stylish western dresses when teamed with a pair of Converse. For any dress that is too short to wear in the day time, we can also go so far as to wear a pair of skinny jeans beneath taking care so that the silhouette of the dress still remains intact and in focus, otherwise we can into the danger of looking like as if our wardrobe has exploded on us or maybe we have no place to keep those dresses so had to wear them all together at one go! An oversized jumper over a dress can play the trick to conceal loads of day time sins. A cowl neck line, can add some structure and interest to the dress that we are wearing. Remember that dresses can never gout of fashion or be called as outdated. Just like our favourite jeans which have tested time, dresses for girls are also timeless pieces of items that are not only beautiful and comfortable but are also extremely versatile. They can be worn to any place at any time of course depending on their cuts and fabrics used. If you like simplicity in dressing up and also look to add some sexiness, The Anet dress is the one for you. With its white border along the neck line and sleeves, this dress looks sporty and elegant and offers great comfort. Cold shoulder is the way to go this season. This cold shoulder is a modified form of the off shoulder style which has taken the world of fashion and glamour with a storm. The extremely pretty Lucius Blouse in an attractive light pastel shade along with long flared sleeves is the perfect top in cold shoulder style which you can easily team with your shorts or mini skirt or even your favourite pair of jeans. These tops and dresses can be worn to the party as well as after party with equal ease.

Stylish dresses made just for you

Women all have a natural inclination towards style and fashion. All women have their own individual sense of style and fashion. This distinct sense of style in each and every woman is what sets them apart from each other. Women have been created in different shapes and sizes so they look for dress styles which can suit them; they search for stylish dresses online which can flatter them and accentuate their bodies beautifully. It is the intrinsic trait of all human beings – whether it is a man or a woman, to dress up nicely and make themselves look happy and presentable, for that in turn has a happy and light effect on our minds which again plays a crucial role in our well being and overall happiness. Different women dress up differently and look for stylish western dresses –may be for the party or to wear at work or to just wear for comfort while hanging out with friends for a brunch or movie. Our requirements vary like crazy so the hot dresses for sale online also vary in multitudes in order to cater to our each and every need. If you are not a party dress person but are more inclined towards smart trousers and tops combinations, you can also get them easily over the Internet. The trousers and top combo can also be played up with a bling top, if you plan to keep the sequins less sparkly by adding a more practical looking trouser to the mix. For places where sober dressing is needed, the idea is to cover up but selectively. The trick is to dress up with a little bit of planning and smartness so that the look remains sombre yet sexy. The Wine Pretty Ruffles Shirt with its frilly design and Chinese collar looks wonderful. It can be worn to the office as well as to the party after office. Just add some statement neckpiece or earrings to jazz up the look. Another very pretty and sweet dress in a beautiful pastel shade is the Errand Dress. This light and girlish maxi dress is great to be worn during the day. Tops in cold shoulder style which is the latest rage in town like the Flair Top in coral shade and Honey Tier top with its frilly looks are also great for the clubs and parties. Sometimes don’t you feel that adding a light shrug can accentuate your dress more beautifully? Take along the Aerie Shrug with you the next time to hit the party. This pretty shrug in light fabric and soft design can add more beauty to your dress and bring in softness, while the Eloise Bomber Jacket can add some bold attitude to your club dress.

Dress styles fresh off the fashion runway

No wonder StalkBuyLove has got this well known reputation as the one stop shop for high end fashion, since you can find all the latest and hottest designs of stylish western dresses. Be sure to find the most amazing range and variety of the most stylish and hot dresses online that too all at one place so that you will not need to venture any further to any other store online or otherwise. This is the best place to quench your thirst for the latest fashion and check out the never ending collection of hot dresses for sale online. Thanks to globalization and its direct effects on our mainstream lives, we no longer need to plan shopping sprees to the high end shopping malls any more. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, we can just stay indoors, sit on the couch with a coffee mug in our hands and comfortable browse through the vast seas of collection of the latest sexy stylish dresses that are easily accessible to us online. In fact online shopping has now given rise to the new concept of going shopping while not moving an inch out of our house! Now we just name a style that is fresh and hot and we are sure to get it online. Starting with the flowing beautiful maxi dresses to the off shoulder tops and dresses to the latest jumpsuits and dungarees – everything is available over the Internet just a few clicks away! Check out the Salmon Tier top in cold shoulder style or the beautiful feminine Lavendra top with its quaint bow detailing in the front. The Black Sven top is the ultimate party top in off shoulder style while the Arsene jeans fits the bill of the latest look of torn and tattered jeans which is uber cool and stylish nowadays. The Privilege Top in black and white and the Celtic Top in black are also great for party wear and clubs and come in the sexy cold shoulder look. The Follett Jumpsuit in body hugging style and washed distressed denims is ideal to rock the super cool chic look, while the Arigold Top in black lace is for bringing out the soft and feminine look, this top can be worn with s short skirt or even denims to complete the girlish look. The gorgeous and sexy Esther Skirt in the latest collection of styles is something which cannot be missed out. You must also try the Sway dress in blue and white combination, the pink Clichy Top with Goldie Shorts which can turn you into the glamorous diva in no time. The Ebony Elegance Skirt in black, the black Jolene Dungarees and Kyle leggings are bound to bring in diverse flavours to your wardrobe like never before.

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