Women Shirts

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Mustard Floral Audrey Bishop Sleeve Shirt_Shirts & BlousesMustard Floral Audrey Bishop Sleeve Shirt_Shirts & Blouses
Red Floral Eddie Hi Low Shirt_Shirts & BlousesRed Floral Eddie Hi Low Shirt_Shirts & Blouses
Checkered Eddie Ruffled Shirt_Shirts & BlousesCheckered Eddie Ruffled Shirt_Shirts & Blouses
White Esme Ruffled Shirt_Shirts & BlousesWhite Esme Ruffled Shirt_Shirts & Blouses
Grey Marea Wrap Front Shirt_Shirts & BlousesGrey Marea Wrap Front Shirt_Shirts & Blouses
Rose Lolla Ruffled Shirt_Shirts & BlousesRose Lolla Ruffled Shirt_Shirts & Blouses
Checkered Lysa Shirt_Shirts & BlousesCheckered Lysa Shirt_Shirts & Blouses
Yellow Floral Misha Peplum Shirt_Shirts & BlousesYellow Floral Misha Peplum Shirt_Shirts & Blouses
Checkered Euphoria Cold Shoulder Shirt_Shirts & BlousesCheckered Euphoria Cold Shoulder Shirt_Shirts & Blouses
Green Stripes Buttoned Shirt_Shirts & BlousesGreen Stripes Buttoned Shirt_Shirts & Blouses
Floral Melania Cut Out Power Sleeve Top_Shirts & BlousesFloral Melania Cut Out Power Sleeve Top_Shirts & Blouses
Floral Bridget Ruffled Shirt_Shirts & BlousesFloral Bridget Ruffled Shirt_Shirts & Blouses

Women Shirts – What makes them indispensable?

You will find women shirts in every cupboard of today’s woman, be it the classic white shirt or a fancy shirt dress. What is the reason? It is because no other garment is as versatile as shorts for women. A shirt makes changing your style statement and adding to your personality easy. The simplicity of design, functionality and easy to style option make it a must-have item in your closet, ladies.

A good shirt is a best friend for life, our stylists declare. They not only cater to your mood but also shows what kind of a person you are to the world. They stand witness to all the good times you have and all the big days you have celebrated.

A shirt can be worn on any number of occasions, be it casual, business or semi-formal. Ladies shirts can be worn by themselves or over women tops – the layering options are endless. These look great as stand-alone items at a formal event or as fancy as you want when paired with statement accessories. Formal shirts for girls are no longer monochromes or dark solid colours but come in an array of other colours like pastels, designs and necklines.

Women Shirts – Ways to wear

Shirts are one of the best ways to make a fashion statement, be it basic or dressy. An elegant ruffle shirt shows that you do not take yourself too seriously, a deconstructed shirt shows that you are unique and do not do things conventionally and a check shirt shows that you prefer comfort for that particular day.

You can keep a minimal, formal look by pairing neutral ladies shirts with women trousers and women jackets and ditch the jacket for something post-work. A shirt with cut-outs or tie-ups looks great when paired with women jeggings or a denim mini skirt. Cold shoulder women shirts are a big hit on the global street style scene with celebrities and Instagram stars constantly vouching for them. Talking of sleeves, one-shoulder and bell sleeve shirts are also popular with the millennial generation.

We at StalkBuyLove like to bring you the fastest fashion possible and on this note, we have created the very first and original corset shirt. A nod to the historical corset styles, corset ladies shirts are a two-in-one way to look smart, chic and to stand out from the crowd. After all, who has time to look boring? These fit you perfectly and show off all those curves in the right places.

If you have a party or get-together coming up, be happy, for we at StalkBuyLove have plenty of options in this section too. Try women shirts with beautiful lace details, sequin shirts or even shirts with intricate embroidery. Of course, the long floral shirt is another classic staple after the white shirt and is a perfect addition to your brunch date or vacation suitcase. And the best part? All the above options look great with skirts, jeggings, women trousers as well as women jeans.

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