1. Casual (535)
  2. Blouses (228)
  3. Crop (145)
  4. Tees (59)
  5. Bodysuits (45)
  6. Spaghetti & Tanks (25)
  7. Peplum (22)
  8. Shell (11)
  9. Bralette (9)
  10. Tunics (4)
  11. Sweatshirts (3)
  12. Cami (2)
  13. Cowl (2)
  14. Partyw (2)
  15. Shrugs (1)
  16. Cardigans (1)
  17. Joggers (1)
  18. Wrap (1)
  19. Shoulder (1)
  1. Round (44)
  2. Square (14)
  3. Halter (5)
  4. V (5)
  5. Scoop (4)
  6. Boat (4)
  7. Mandarin (4)
  8. Sweetheart (3)
  9. High (3)
  10. Shirt (2)
  11. Plunge (1)
  12. Crew (1)
  13. Off Shoulder (1)
  1. Solids (102)
  2. Lace (9)
  3. Stripes (8)
  4. Checks (5)
  5. Floral (4)
  6. Polka (2)
  7. Velvet & Pile (1)
  1. Ruffles & Frills (20)
  2. Cut Outs (16)
  3. Off Shoulder (15)
  4. Knots & Ties (14)
  5. Lace And Crochet (12)
  6. Cold Shoulder (9)
  7. Embroidered (7)
  8. Bell Sleeves (7)
  9. One Shoulder (7)
  10. Sheer (5)
  11. Sequin (3)
  12. Precious Pearls (2)
  13. Peplum (1)
  14. Distress (1)
  15. Choker (1)
  1. Black (41)
  2. Multi (27)
  3. Blue (22)
  4. White (17)
  5. Red (7)
  6. Metallic (6)
  7. Maroon (6)
  8. Grey (4)
  9. Olive (4)
  10. Pink (3)
  11. Light Blue (3)
  12. Mustard (2)
  13. Beige (1)
  14. Coral (1)
  15. Rose (1)
  1. XS (133)
  2. S (130)
  3. XL (130)
  4. M (128)
  5. L (127)
  6. 2XS (124)
  7. 3XS (118)
  8. 2XL (117)
Sleeve Length
  1. Sleeveless (53)
  2. Short Sleeves (45)
  3. Full Sleeves (19)
  4. 3-4 Sleeves (12)
  5. Cap Sleeves (1)
  1. Bare Shoulder (14)
  2. Denim (13)
  3. Fall Edit (13)
  4. Athleisure (11)
  5. Summer Whites (8)
  6. Checks & Stripes (8)
  7. Power Sleeves (7)
  8. Badges (3)
  9. Botanicals (3)
  10. Polkas & Stripes (2)
  11. Utilitarian (2)
  12. Mint & Paradise (1)
  13. Embroidered (1)
  14. Deconstructed (1)
  1. Partywear (37)
  2. Holidaywear (27)
  3. The Street Style (8)
  4. Casualwear (4)
  5. Workwear (1)
  1. Regular (58)
  2. Skinny (41)
  3. Box (10)
  4. Relaxed (7)
  5. Flare (5)
  6. Wide Leg & Flare (2)
  7. Straight (2)
  8. Tailored (1)
  9. A-Line (1)

Crop Tops

| 145
Port Olex Pleated Crop Top_TopsPort Olex Pleated Crop Top_Tops
Black Ebla Sequinned Crop Top_TopsBlack Ebla Sequinned Crop Top_Tops
Black Solist Cut Out Crop Top_TopsBlack Solist Cut Out Crop Top_Tops
Black Torch Sequinned Off Shoulder Crop Top_TopsBlack Torch Sequinned Off Shoulder Crop Top_Tops
Mustard Stevens Knotted Crop Top_TopsMustard Stevens Knotted Crop Top_Tops
Black Ranch Lace Crop Top_TopsBlack Ranch Lace Crop Top_Tops
Maroon One Shoulder Crop Top_TopsMaroon One Shoulder Crop Top_Tops
Black Lauri Embroidered Cut-Out Crop Top_TopsBlack Lauri Embroidered Cut-Out Crop Top_Tops
Black Adelaide Bow Crop Top_TopsBlack Adelaide Bow Crop Top_Tops
Gingham Tilda One Shoulder Knotted Ruffled Crop Top_TopsGingham Tilda One Shoulder Knotted Ruffled Crop Top_Tops
White Inara Ruffle Tier Top_TopsWhite Inara Ruffle Tier Top_Tops
Striped Nelly Knotted Crop Top_TopsStriped Nelly Knotted Crop Top_Tops

Crop Tops for a chic look

Although crop tops entered the fashion world in and around the 1940s but it became popular only in 1970 owing to the hippie movement of the '70s and by the '90s crop tops became a major fashion statement. And with a throwback to all the '90s fashion, the re-emergence of crop top was pretty much inevitable.
Crop tops for girls look trendy and modern and are available in many different variations which mean that it can be styled in different ways to suit different occasions. Just pair them with different bottoms and you have got a different look altogether.

Team crop top with skirts

With its midriff baring style crop tops look great when paired with skirts. Crop top and skirt is an easy and elegant way to amp up your style quotient. Pair it with A-line skirts, midi skirt, a flowing maxi skirt or a mini skirt etc. and look chic, clean and sorted. A black crop top is a must have style staple as the classic colour makes it suitable to be paired with just anything.

Buy crop tops online

No doubt crop tops are having their moment. However, some women might feel that crop tops is only for the skinny girls. But this is not so. Crops tops for girls are one of those versatile wardrobe staple which looks good on all body types. Whether you are skinny or plump you can always search crop top online and find an array of trendy crops tops in different style, fabric, print, colour and design to suit your body shape and size. Crop tops online India seems a good option when searching for stylish plus size crop tops.
Get something in a lightweight fabric and spend the sun soaked summer days in style. StalkBuyLove offers a wide collection of stylish crop tops that you would like to update your wardrobe with. Shop for your choicest ones and style them for different occasions whether you are planning a night-out with friends, heading out for shopping or have a date fixed.
If you don't feel comfortable showing your stomach you can always opt for a high waisted bottom such as a high waisted shorts, skirts, pants or jeans. You can also opt to get a crop top with slightly longer hemline and pair it with skirts or jeans. You can also try layering them with a stylish blazer or lightweight cardigan to ward off your tummy baring fears.

Different types of crop tops

Crop tops for girls are super versatile as they offer a great way to show just the right sliver of skin in an elegant and classy way. Look crop top online India and update your wardrobe with different types of crop tops to make the most of every occasion. Stalk Buy Love offers an exciting collection of crop tops online.

1. The Crop Tank Top
This is a classic take on the crop trend and will look crisp and stylish when paired with a slim fitted trouser. Get something in a slightly shorter hemline and you can also pair them with your dungarees

2. The button up crop
A classic button down comes as a wardrobe must have and a cropped version of the same is simply adorable. Layer it over another top or wear it solo, either way it will give you major style update.

3. The long line crop
The long line crop comes as a great way to show your toned arms and shoulders and looks good on almost all body types.

4. Lace and sequined crop
If you have been wondering how to style a crop top for a special occasion get a crop top with lace or sequin. Lace crop with the see through fabric offer a romantic vibe. A sequined crop top appears most ideal when planning to hit the club or a dressy evening.

5. The off-shoulder crop
Perfect for hot and humid summer days, an off-shoulder crop top has a carefree and relaxed vibe to it. Pair it with skirts and enjoy all the attention.

6. The long sleeve crop
The long sleeve crop offers a subtle take on the crop top trend. It is the best way to get yourself acquainted with the style. The long sleeves will balance out the skin show.

7. T-shirt crop
The T-shirt crop top is the most versatile of all the crop tops and can be worn by just anybody. The boxy shape is perfect for the curvier girls.

8. Printed crop
A bright and colourful crop top is what is needed to enliven your wardrobe. Pair it with a solid hued midi skirt for a chic and streamlined look

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